How to wear a skirt with ankle boots?

How to wear a skirt with ankle boots?

This winter again, the ankle boot takes possession of our trendiest looks. It allows us to compose between casual or chic styles according to our desires. How to wear the ankle boot with a skirt without missing it? Here are some examples to inspire you.

Wear your best pair of boots with your favorite skirts: 6 look ideas to try!

Which women’s ankle boots to choose and how to wear them with a skirt according to your clothing style?

You are rather rock…

Ankle boots are perfect for those who surf the rock chic register. Glamrock shoes par excellence, they are precious allies when it comes to contrasting our looks. Lace-up boots, chelsea boots or notched boots mounted on a sole compensated, all three are suitable for this style of dress. Obviously, it is the black women’s ankle boot that wins the vote when looking for a rock look.

To accessorize them, opt for a floral skater skirt or leather skirt. At the top, we pull out a pretty blouse or an oversized knit to stylize everything or its perfecto and voila!

If you are bohemianburgundy bohemian suede ankle boots

Women who draw their fashion pieces from the bohemian universe have their women’s ankle boots all found. These are the suede boots! 100% boho chic, they can be worn black or colored. We like to associate them with long skirts or floral, fluid and light midi skirts. At the top, a pretty knit matching the colors worn is enough to sublimate everything.

For a trendy urban look

pointed ankle boots

If you like neat looks and chic Parisian style, here is a way to wear ankle boots that should make you fall in love.

Begin by sliding your feet into a Pretty pair of camel leather ankle boots with heels.

Put on a sophisticated straight skirt (in tweed or velvet for example) that you wear high waisted.

Finish your outfit with a beautiful, perfectly ironed white silk blouse!

For a trendy BCBG look

bcbg red ankle boots

Fan of Blair Waldorf looks in Gossip Girl? Ankle boots are among the feminine shoes that should not be missed. Short skater leather skirt, white blouse with pearl Peter Pan collar and red ankle boots will create a sublime look worthy of your favorite icon!

Boots fashionista or influencer version

white women ankle boots

Your hobby is the worked looks influencer way? Opt for women’s nude or beige notched ankle boots. This year they are all the rage in most of the hot styles in Y2K looks.

Wear them with a short slit skirt and an oversized knit.

For even more elegance, you can also refine your outfit with a long blazer worn with a mini skirt.

Feast day and dress code

For an evening outfit with ankle boots, go for ankle boots with a little sequined ball skirt and a beautiful blouse. Pointed-toe ankle boots are also something sophisticated!

Finally, to shine during the holidays with an evening skirt, dare golden ankle boots.

The importance of its morphology

women's python ankle boots

There is one thing that should not be forgotten. It’s that not all women can wear all the ankle boots that exist on the market. As always, it’s the morphology that should dictate your choice in addition to choosing a model adapted to your personality. A round woman, for example, should favor low boots with medium heels. Chelsea boots, square toe boots or low sock boots are all suitable for flattering the figure with a high-waisted midi skirt! So be sure to always respect the right balance between trendy boots and boots that emphasize the morphology as you wish!

You are tall ? Dare flat boots to be perfectly comfortable since you can afford it!

Are you small? Bet on heeled boots to lengthen the silhouette.

The prettiest winter boots are…

country ankle boots

In terms of boots, the least we can say is that the choice is wide. Between lace-up boots, biker boots, studded, zipped, heeled, flat, black or colored boots, it’s hard to know which pair to fall for.

Among the trendiest models of the year, the mid-height ankle boots that reach the level of the calves. The chealsea boots, they are the timeless ones that we adopt with our favorite short skirts. As for lovers of retro looks, they will be delighted by white, nude or cream wedge boots.


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