the right way to put collectively an outfit 101


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  1. Question: wouldn't the pants be more of a purple-ish color? I say this because if you zoom out, the colors blend together; like, your phone and the light of the primary colors.(see VSauce)

    If right, the colors we "see" on our phones aren't the actually the true colors or it's pigment but formations of light's primary colors (red, blue, and green) that "tricks" the brain into making these colors what they appear to be.

    It's like a spotlight in a theater 🎥 that has the red, blue, & green lights that ficus together in being "white".

    Just a guess on that.

    Also, if I'm right, black is a nonchromatic so it works out with anything.

    As a guy who took an art class or two, color theory has boosted my sense of style so hearing how it actually works is kinda dope to hear.

    And the sense of balance I've found to be so important to keep the eyes not so focused on one thing.

    This will also help my drawings too.

  2. I just found your channel recently after coming back to ur 50 outfit video i saw a while ago, I know im commenting on an old video but I absolutely love your cool older sister vibe and I love your outfits so much !!!


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