How to put on a scarf to be trendy?

How to put on a scarf to be trendy?

Best ally for cold winter days, the women’s scarf is a must of all dressing rooms. But, more than just an accessory that keeps us warm, the scarf is also a fashion piece that you have to know how to wear to be trendy. Focus on the scarf models to afford this year and on the ways to tie it to be stylish!

The different categories of scarf

You know us, we like to start our articles with a little “vocabulary” point, just to get everyone to agree before getting to the heart of the matter. Regarding the scarf, there is nothing very complicated, just a few different shapes, which respond, in fact, to different little names. Let’s go for our fashion-dictionary point.

The classic scarf

Probably the most common of them all, and the one you think of when people tell you aboutscarf. It is rectangular, rather long and its width is very much less than its length, in short, a scarf overall normal.

The snood scarf

The snood scarf is a scarf sewn at the end, so as to form a tube, hence its other name of ” tube scarf ” Besides. It is shorter than the classic scarf and is worn wrapped around the neck, usually with two wraps.

The plaid scarf

I’plaid scarf, the most recent form, is also rectangular. The main difference with the classic scarf is that its width is much greater. Basically: a classic scarf represents for example a rectangle of 30 x 90 cm, while the measurements of a plaid scarf will rather be of the order of 50 x 90 cm. It is called ” scarf plaid because it is much larger and allows you to curl up inside, like a plaid.

The neck

THE collar is made to be worn over a coat. It is made of fur or faux fur and allows you to customize any coat. Be careful though, it does not hold very hot.

The scarf models we love at the moment

At the moment, the fashion is clearly for prints.

We distinguish animal print trend with a plethora ofleopard scarveszebra or panther, and another with tiles and similar (houndstooth, tartan, houndstooth, Prince of Wales…). We also see a lot ofscarves with large floral motifs.

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The great classics remain relevant, and you won’t go wrong with a plain scarf. The colors to favor for this year are rather warm and natural shades: sand, powder pink, beige, greige, fawn, brown, etc.

Latest trend: color blocking. There are indeed many models with two or three colors in very wide stripes.

What to avoid if you want a trendy scarf, it’s very large stitches, cables and other fringes. Very fashionable was a time, all these embellishments give way to a more sober current.

The materials to favor for your scarf

Overall, you have to go for materials that will give fullness to your scarf.

We avoid thin scarves, and we prefer XXL models that will dress your neck and shoulders nicely. In terms of materials, this means choosing wool, acrylic, cashmere, or possibly a blend with a little polyester.

Tie your scarf: review of the knots of the moment

Once you have chosen your trendy woman scarf, it’s time to tackle the tie that will make you the most stylish. Don’t worry, fashion is, for once, rather sober on this point.

The loop

It couldn’t be simpler: you go for a ride with your scarf and let the two sides fall on your bust. Easy, efficient and stylish, what more could you ask for?

The basic

Very simple too, and widely proven: you fold your scarf in half, put it on your shoulders and slide the sides into the previously formed loop. Not very fun, we grant you, but very chic.

The “half-tied”

A bit more complex, but nothing rocket science for the half-tied scarf knot. Proceed as for a simple loop and then tie the ends in a knot instead of letting them hang down. The interest is to give more volume to your scarfwhich both fleshes out and balances a silhouette.

This knot will also allow you to stay warm, snuggled up in your trendy scarf.

How to put on a scarf to be trendy?
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The throw

We admit it, we ourselves baptized this way of wearing the scarf the “thrown”, the literature has not yet decided on this subject. But the idea is very simple: you put your scarf over your shoulders and fold one of the sides back, thus throwing it away. The result: a panel in front, and a back: very chic, and ultra-trendy. Be careful though, this knot is only of interest with a fairly thick scarftypically a plaid scarf.

Divert your scarf to be (even more) stylish

Nothing prevents you from divert your scarf to add a touch of originality to your outfit. In particular, we see many influencers who wear the scarf as a top. To do the same, you just have to choose a fairly large model, which you place on your shoulders like a shawl. Let the panels hang over your bust and add a thin belt at the waist to secure everything.

How to put on a scarf to be trendy?
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At the end of winter, swap your scarf for a pretty scarf ! Discover some tips for tying a scarf.


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