How to properly wear the white wedding jumpsuit as a bride?

Modern, practical and elegant, the white wedding jumpsuit is an alluring bridal outfit in many ways. Alternative to the sacrosanct wedding dress, it is the envy of more than one future bride. How how to wear the white wedding jumpsuit as a bride ? Our advices.

The jumpsuit, an elegant and comfortable outfit for getting married


Getting married in a white jumpsuit is very trendy. Brides-to-be who don’t feel comfortable in a dress, brides who want to wear an original wedding outfit, brides-to-be who want to keep up with fashion… demand is exploding.

Secular wedding ceremonies and the visit to town hall are perceived as the perfect occasions to put on a white wedding jumpsuit. Some dare it for religious marriage.

The important thing is to feel comfortable in your wedding outfit to be the most beautiful bride on the big day.

The bridal jumpsuit for all silhouettes

A future bride looking for her outfit finds a wide choice of white wedding jumpsuits. All you have to do is find the model that highlights your figure the most.. Because the bridal jumpsuit is suitable for all body types.

The wedding suit perfectly suited to slender silhouetteswho are lucky enough to be able to afford to wear all the models.

But the little ones can also wear the jumpsuit with elegance, especially the playsuit. She visually stretches the figure and gives stature. To play up the elongated effect even more, the bride can opt for a high hairstyle and wear pumps with heels.

Made in one piece, the jumpsuit emphasizes the slender silhouettes. It also refines the curves.

The most beautiful models of white wedding jumpsuits

bohemian wedding jumpsuit


The white wedding jumpsuit comes in many models. The choice in store is widening, the creators offering very different models from each other.

  • The flowing jumpsuit emphasizes the movements of the body with suppleness and refinement. It is very feminine and highlights the body while hiding small flaws. Provided not to be chosen too wide however.
  • The close-fitting jumpsuit is sexy, as are the open-back jumpsuit and the low-cut jumpsuit. It’s about suggesting without revealing too much.
  • The top of the jumpsuit is adorned with thin straps, sleeves (long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, puffed sleeves, etc.) or a bustier, to highlight the upper body.
  • For the bottom of the suit, different styles and different lengths are offered. It can be flared pants, cigarette pants… The floor length is ideal for tall women, and with very flared pants for a petticoat look. The above-the-ankle length is perfect for petite brides.

The wedding jumpsuit can be worn in any season. The playsuit is worn in summer.

As for the fabric, there too everything is possible: combination of lace, satin fabric, crepe, stretch…

bride wedding jumpsuit


Accessorize your white wedding jumpsuit

wedding bridal jumpsuit accessories


To wear the white wedding jumpsuit well, don’t forget the accessories. The outfit goes well with all types of bridal accessories for an outfit that reflects her image.

Wear a wedding veil with her white jumpsuit

Wearing a wedding veil with a white jumpsuit brings a traditional touch to the outfit and above all a lot of style.

A white jumpsuit with a bridal train

A compromise between the wedding dress and the pants, models of white bridal jumpsuits have an integrated train. A perfect outfit for modern princesses.

Note that it is also possible to opt for a removable train.

What bridal hairstyle with a wedding jumpsuit?

Considering the different styles of wedding jumpsuits offered by designers, all types of hairstyles can be considered with this outfit: loose or tied hair, bridal bun, braid, combs, ribbons or flowers in the hair…

What shoes to wear with her white wedding jumpsuit?

Regardless of the length of the wedding jumpsuit, or even with a wedding playsuit, the ideal shoes are shoes with heels. They will slender the silhouette even more and accentuate the slender effect provided by the suit.

A nice pair of pumps, sandals or wedges will also enhance the foot.

A bridal coat

For winter weddings, for rainy weddings, or for the evening, the bride can want to cover up to keep warm.

With a white wedding jumpsuit, she can complete her look with a bridal coat, a boleroa stole, a jacket, a nice sweater or any other item of clothing of their choice.

The bride’s jewelry

As the wetsuit is a fairly close-fitting garment, it allows wear fine and discreet jewelry or on the contrary more assertive. The jewelry chosen must match her personality, her morphology and the style of the white wedding jumpsuit worn.

A clutch or minaudière

On D-Day, the bride needs to have her essentials near her, such as handkerchiefs, make-up… She can bring a bag, a minaudière or a bridal clutch. Practical, elegant and discreet, these accessories are the perfect complement to a white jumpsuit, in a balanced whole.

The bride’s bouquet

Round bouquet or cascade bouquet, fresh flowers or dried flowers, being dressed in a white jumpsuit for your wedding allows you to hold the magnificent bouquet of flowers of your choice in your hands.

Properly wearing the white wedding jumpsuit as a bride is relatively easy. This wedding outfit is the guarantee of composing a look that reflects your image to really feel yourself on D-Day. Because the white wedding jumpsuit is a garment that goes with all the accessories, all the colors, all the styles, all the morphologies. So much so that the white jumpsuit from her wedding can then easily be worn on other occasions.


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