How to make a beautiful rustic wedding bouquet?

How to make a beautiful rustic wedding bouquet?

Remarkable element in wedding photos, animation in its own right with the throwing of the bouquet to the girls to be married, accessory to the wedding dress, the bouquet plays a big role on the wedding day. Rustic bridal bouquets seduce with their wild and natural appearance. The fuzzy bouquet is full of authenticity. Its simplicity adds to its aesthetics. DIY country bouquet or bouquet composed by a florist, our advice for make a beautiful rustic wedding bouquet.

Seasonal flowers and dried flowers for a rustic bridal bouquet

Summer wedding or winter wedding, each season has its own bouquet! The rustic bouquet is made with seasonal flowers, or any other natural element that nature allows to glean during a walk.

Always generous, nature makes it possible to find in any season what to compose a magnificent rustic bridal bouquet, with fresh flowers.

Their colors go together wonderfully. The bride can opt according to her preferences for a bouquet of tone-on-tone flowers, with two or three matching colors or in an explosion of various colors, bright or pastel..

One way to have her favorite flowers in her bridal bouquet is to use dried flowers. A smart choice that is also very trendy. The duration of the wedding preparations allows you to dry your flowers to slip them into your bridal bouquet on the big day.

The rustic bouquet can be a natural bouquet, a bouquet of dried flowers or a mix of both.

A bouquet of dried flowers can be prepared in advance while the bouquet of fresh flowers should ideally be made the morning of the wedding, at the earliest the day before the big day. It is therefore necessary to plan to fetch the plants in nature in the early morning.

What varieties of flowers for a rustic bridal bouquet?

To make a rustic bouquet, field flowers and those that grow in the woods are ideal: daffodils, daisies, poppies, sunflowers, thistles, yarrow, iris

Note that the scabious, yarrow, iris and thistle offer a nice hold. Although one advantage of the country bouquet is that faded flowers can be easily replaced.

The blue thistle is also the trend flower for 2023 weddings. It also allows the bride to stick to the lucky tradition of having something new and blue, all that remains is to find a loan or something old.

Cultivated flowers are to be avoided if the bride does not want to distort her rustic bouquet, but each one does according to her tastes and desires.

Can be added to greenery flowers such as fern for example, as well as pampas grasses.

For a touch of originality, other elements can be inserted into her rustic bridal bouquet: apples, acorns, ear of wheat, vegetables… Everything is allowed as long as the choice is made.

An unstructured bouquet for her country wedding

rustic wedding bouquet

Round bridal bouquet, cascade bouquet or even vertical bouquet, the rustic bouquet for a wedding has the advantage of being able to adopt all shapes. On condition of being unstructured.

The flowers and elements that compose it keep their wild aspect, with differences in height, orientation…

By definition, a country-style bouquet is not smooth. The round bouquet is nevertheless a timelesswhich here takes on a romantic bucolic style by letting a few ears, a few petals protrude here and there…

The cascade bouquet is perfect to highlight the foliage that inevitably makes up the rustic bouquet.

The vertical bouquet is perfect for a bouquet of ears of wheat, gladioli, mimosa, wild chicory, borage… and all the other tall-stemmed field flowers. Some even dare the unexpected bouquet of foliage, without flowers. Something to surprise the guests.

Compose a beautiful rustic bouquet for your wedding

rustic wedding bouquet

Making a beautiful rustic bouquet for your wedding requires thinking about your bouquet without it appearing under its unstructured aspect. In particular, the harmony of colors is something to think about. Once the different plants have been brought together, it remains to assemble them.

For this, some tools are also necessary, in particular to resize the stems if necessary and remove any thorns. Secateurs, knife or scissors can be used. The leaves must be removed from the entire lower part of the stem, up to about 2/3.

An accessory is also needed to hold the different plants and accessories together: ribbon, raffia, lace, string…

Tip: during the wedding, the bride will need to lay her bouquet. For it to remain impeccable, it is necessary provide a vase adapted to its size. Zinc buckets also go great with the country theme, as do watering cans and flower pots.

A bouquet to match the rest of the country wedding

The bridal bouquet matches the rest of the wedding. The personality of the bride, the wedding dress, the place of the wedding are to be taken into account.

If a field of lavender, poppies, rapeseed… adjoins the place of reception, then putting some in the bridal bouquet is a nice reminder.

The same flowers as those in the bride’s rustic bouquet can also adorn the hairstyles of the bridesmaids, the groom’s boutonniere, the centerpieces, the room decoration…

While couples who are getting married focus more and more on the very essence of their love, on the essentials, on personalization, the country theme is more and more often imposed. The rustic bridal bouquet is the expression of this natural, authentic state of mind.. Made with the resources found at the moment, it leaves a lot of room for originality and the expression of one’s own nature. Fresh seasonal flowers, dried flowers, foliage, other plants and accessories, the rustic bridal bouquet can be personalized at will. The secret to a beautiful rustic bridal bouquet remains the love with which it is made.


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