tips on how to discover your fashion + the arrogance to put on it


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  1. God this video has helped me a lot. I suck at shopping and I really don’t have a singular style. I figured out a way though and am taking screenshots of everything I like and am going to start from there. I usually wear more skater ish edgy stuff in public but I really want to wear more cottage core stuff. I feel kinda nervous, but no one really cares I guess so I’m just gonna do it.

  2. I used to watch your videos in awe, like, I could never be that fashionable or confident. I'm 21 now and I can't believe that I'm finally finding my own style and curating my closet with the help of your videos.

  3. I’m a person who deeply struggled with finding myself in fashion and just did what people expected of me. Like: Don’t wear makeup because it stands out. Only wear cottagecore because I seem like a cottagecore pal. Or even guilt because I thought I wasted my/others money on clothes.

    As of right now, I’ve found myself in clothing and I’m hoping to continue wearing what I like regardless of what people think. Because I’m badass, I’m awesome, I’m amazing. Who cares what people think? My anxiety? Pfft, nah. I’m amazing.

  4. I always wear sweats and hoodies but I NEED TO IMPROVE MY STYLE. Like I like covering up and not showing skin, but I don’t know how to do that without hoodies. I also don’t know how to style it. HALPPPP

  5. When ever I go to a store, all I see is crop tops because its 'in trend' when I'm into oversized tops, big sweaters, a pair of shorts or a plaid skirt smth so thats why i have never truly found my style

  6. One thing you didn't touch on, but I think is super helpful if you are crunched for time is the "uniform". Before you have school uniform flash backs hear me out. Once you have a style you like look for combinations or shapes that you repeat. For instance, in the summer I always seem to wear silky sleeveless tops and loose pants. This is my uniform. I tend to buy lots of both because that is what I wear. In the winter I tend to wear leggings or sweatpants with oversized hoodies. That is my winter uniform. Maybe you always wear long skirts with tshirts, or baby T's with baggy pants or slip dresses with a shirt under them. Buy different versions of that thing you wear and mix them into the uniform you created. Obviously you don't always have to wear the uniform but on days you don't have time or mental energy to make an outfit you can fall back on it with little effort and know you look good.

  7. I had a pastel white, yellow, and blue sweater and I absolutely LOVED it, the day before I was going to wear it out, it got completely ruined. It’s been months and I still have nothing like that. And can’t find anything in my wardrobe that I like. Also I am a minor so I’m not able to really choose what I can buy. 🙁

  8. 23 yrs old here and wanting my own style … I have literally worn t shirts from highschool and bummy sweats for years. I have no style of my own. Anytime I had spent time putting an outfit together in middle school or highschool, and walked upstairs happy with it, my mom would turn me around to "fix it". So. Been terrified to create my own style. But this video was really sweet I'm gonna start getting to work on my style. 💜 Thank you

  9. I always get clothes from my aunt… like some of them are OK, but most of them are just not my style.. mum always pointed out that arent you interested about clothes at all? Maybe I would be if I could decide by myself what to buy… also I am very bad at saying my opinion outloud. And sometimes have a hard time deciding what I actually like. literally dont even remember when I would have bought a clothing item by my self and FOR myself..

  10. i rlly, rlly want to wear this juicy couture jacket with flare jeans. but im still young and people in my country judge anyone that isn’t wearing a puffer coat or whatever fashion trend, yet alone a 12 year old in a hot pink jacket! i also don’t think i have the look to pull it off, and that people in my school will think im weird…

  11. I use Pinterest cause I can organize the outifts/aesthetics I like. 😀 So I can easily go and find it when I next go to shopping or open up my wardrobe to set my daily outfit. <3

  12. im going to try these but im kinda worried about still dressing how other people want me too or other things just messing it up because…

    1. my mother is SUPER conservative to the point where the mentality that she has has implanted itself into my brain so now im insecure about the tinyest bit of my arm showing and affraid to wear skirts unless i have tights underneath but that dosn't always look good, because once again my mom wont let me get tights that are too sheer or not black and i cant really wear opake, black tights with a white, flowery skirt, it just looks odd to me.

    2. im still kinda young so to a lot of people it dosn't make sense for me to have a couple different coats or a lot of shoes but those are still apart of a general outfit right? so what am i supossed to do? also indoor shoes (cause im still in school). how am i supossed to arrange my wardrobe to have almost every outfit i could possibly come up with, go with one pair of dusty old sneakers? and just not wearing indoor shoes only works in the summer and fall (maybe some days in spring) because i dont want to leave a trail of dirt and water wherever i go. my school also has this thing where they get us to go outside, esspecialy on the feild as much as possible so even in the summer and fall, grass is still a problem. so like what the hell am i suposed to do?

    if you made it to the end of my rant, please help and yes, i am aware i may be looking to much into things but im sick of wearing oversized shirts (and not in a cute way, they just fit really badly) and leggings and hoping it looks good.

  13. Omggg I love how excited you got thinking about other people finding their sense of fashion 😭😭😭 I feel like we’re in this together now *high five
    This is my first video I’ve seen if you and definitely gonna be binging I really like your advice 🙂 I’m struggling trying to find my personal style and it’s really helpful


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