How to find a swimsuit that suits us well?

How to find a swimsuit that suits us well?

Every year summer comes, and we women only have one thing on our mind, find a swimsuit that will fit us well.

Between complexes, current trends and the multitude of models that exist, choosing a swimsuit is not always easy. To simplify your task and find the model of your dreams, we have prepared a timely topic for you: how to choose your swimsuit according to your morphology!

Which swimsuit to choose according to its morphology?

Swimsuits for small breasts

how to choose a swimsuit that suits us well

The trick to choosing a swimsuit when you have a small chest is to opt for swimsuit tops with a little volume. And that’s good, because this season again, it will be the fashion for frills, ruffles and colorful asymmetrical two-piece swimsuits. You will therefore be spoiled for choice to find an ideal swimsuit to highlight your morphology.

For women who do not assume their small breasts, it is advisable to opt for a push up swimsuita balconette or underwired swimsuit.

For others, make a splash in a two-piece swimsuit with a beautiful polka dot or striped print. You can even afford the bandeau swimsuit that everyone dreams of wearing. The padded triangle bikini is also an excellent option to sublimate a small chest.

Swimsuits for large breasts

how to choose a swimsuit that suits us well

Conversely, women with large breasts dream of only one thing: finding the perfect swimsuit that will combine comfort, style and support.

Here are some tips for choose a swimsuit when you have a large chest :

  • Always opt for wide swimsuit straps.
  • Choose one minimizer swimsuitspecially designed for large breasts (fitted shape, clasps in the back, etc.).
  • Fall for one plain model or with a discreet print.
  • If you have a crush on a one-piece swimsuit, go for it! There are some with reinforcements like the glamorous and trendy models from Livia for example.

Bathing suits to hide the belly

how to choose a swimsuit that suits us well

If you’re looking to hide your belly, don’t look for midday to two o’clock, choose a high-waisted bikini bottom. Again, you won’t have any trouble finding this type of cut since the retro trend is back and high-waisted briefs are on all silhouettes.

You can also choose a sculpting one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece with a shaping panties. A perfect cut for the flat stomach effect and the glamorous style at the beach!

The swimsuit to refine the waist and thighs

Do you have a bit of cellulite or are you just not comfortable with your hips and thighs? Use ingenuity and opt for a mismatched swimsuit.

The goal is simple: draw the eye to the upper body with a colorful bikini top or one with a floral print, polka dots or ruffles.

For the lower body, on the other hand, opt for a dark color and a high-waisted jersey. Above all, avoid shorty panties or swimsuits with thin straps, which would accentuate the saddlebag effect.

The swimsuit for curvy women

It’s not because you have curves that you have to opt for the anti-charm swimming suit. On the contrary, luscious women will make a sensation in a shapely plus size swimsuit.

To sculpt your generous curves, go for a one-piece swimsuit with a V-neckline or a wrap-over neckline to enhance the bust.

If you are more of a two-piece, take a model with shaping high-waisted panties.

And above all, assume your curves and your luscious morphology by opting for a trendy swimsuit.


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