These are my 11 recommendations on how one can look somewhat extra elevated and style ahead. Hopefully you possibly can take a couple of and apply them to …



  1. I think you are so beautiful that anything would look good on you lol That is the problem with your suggestions. If you had a less attractive model or someone from a different race perhaps black I think it would have a bigger impact. Show you and another woman. I think for women who look like you it's great advice. I like that everything is modest and looks comfortable.

  2. Also, since my 20'th something that I got Jakob in a,jeans Store, and I'm not a fan of wearing jeans of an specific brand. Currently I love trousers, and now, I follow drew Barymore styling in her show. She uses brouches as Prat of her style, that I love that conservative way, and I love styling trousers and color es suspenders. In Order Woods, style more apropiate to a young Lady. «to the Cesar, what belongs to the Cesar»

  3. The best thing i did in my life is find this video, i can even tell you how much better i feel after watching this and its so inspiring, thank you Ashley.
    Also you’re so good with fashion, keep it up

  4. Love your style and personality! I would love your opinion on dressing according to ones age . I am in my late 30’s and I like to look edgy and classic but not in the way people in their 20’s do it. I just don’t feel like I can pull off the same stuff I used to. And I also don’t want to dress myself down, if you know what I mean. Style shouldn’t stop just because you turn 40. 😄

  5. Hello,
    thanx a lot 4 this absolutely lovely video!
    Could you please tell me which brand(or name) the dark trousers are, which you keep combining in the video?For example when using a belt with the white Tshirt.
    I fell in love with the color and shape of the trousers🖤
    Thank you✌🌈🦋

  6. I love that you made these tips so universal and showed examples. Even though my style is quite different from yours, these tips all made sense to me and I can translate / apply them – and I think most girls watching this could. Well done on the video!

  7. Dearest Ashley, thanks for your generosity in sharing such helpful tips. They are super simple, and yet makes a great difference in a look. You inspire women like me, even though we are over 50. Your advice is timeless :).Love your positive and warm energy :). Keep sharing your gifts with the world, we need more Stars like you, who shine brightly and bring beauty and light to this world. Thank you, Ashley!

  8. Hi Ashley, I love this video! I randomly watched it months ago, and kept thinking about it. I finally just searched Youtube for half an hour to find this video and you again! 🙂


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