How to develop your wedding centerpiece without missteps?

Now that you have completed the most urgent preparations, you have found your reception hall, without forgetting the caterer and the florist, you still have a few small details to fine-tune. The wedding table is a detail, but it is important! It must reflect your wedding and the decoration you have chosen. What are the elements that decorate the wedding table? How create a beautiful centerpiece without making a faux pas ? What type of centerpiece to choose for a wedding? All our advices are here !

Wedding: do not neglect the center of the table

The wedding table must be perfect. It must reflect the love of the bride and groom and their personality, while being in harmony with the atmosphere and the general decoration. Each element must be thought out, carefully chosen and in harmony with the other objects on the table. What are the elements that make up a wedding table decoration ?

  • one or more floral compositions;
  • the table number or name;
  • lights (candles, lanterns, etc.);
  • a centerpiece and/or a table runner.

The centerpiece is the most visible and important element of a wedding table., you should not neglect it. It must be authentic, in line with the chosen theme, without distorting the spirit of your wedding. What is its use? It embellishes a wedding table to make it unique and in your image. The effect on your guests must be “wow”!
You can make your decoration and the centerpiece yourself (if you have the creative streak) or buy centerpieces already prepared. Indeed, on the net you have everything to decorate the center of the tables of a wedding like the pros!

Which centerpiece to choose for a wedding?

rustic chic wedding centerpiece

The centerpiece should be chosen as an extension of your decoration and your wedding theme. If you have opted for a country wedding, it is not advisable to bet on a modern or contemporary centerpiece… The result will probably not be harmonious! There are centerpieces of all types, for all decoration themes. You will find for example:

  • rural with flowers, natural elements, moss etc. ;
  • modern with a contemporary chandelier, design vases, in neutral colours;
  • romantic with flowers (often roses), small hearts, a table runner in natural material, etc. ;
  • vintage in pastel colors and with small retro decorative objects;
  • Bohemia with eclectic elements, both rustic and chic, natural and aesthetic (dried flowers are a must!);
  • elongated which includes a long train of flowers and branches, or a long table runner;
  • rustic with natural materials, such as wood or cardboard, sprinkled with wildflowers;
  • colored for vibrant and pop atmospheres, with colorful objects, fruits or exotic flowers.

Many other types of centerpieces exist! Remember that you should always match it with your wedding decoration. You will also find centerpieces on the theme of cinema, love, a particular season, gluttony, nature, rather glamorous, magical or magical!

DIY wedding: how to create a centerpiece yourself?

DIY wedding centerpiece

Celebrating your wedding in an atmosphere that is dear to you while controlling your budget can be a great adventure. Create your own centerpiece, a personal and economical decorative touch that will give character to your reception.

The centrepiece, the focal point that captures the attention on every table, is a blank canvas on which to express your creativity.. Whether it’s through DIY tutorials available online or by following your intuition, creating a unique and memorable centerpiece is within your reach.

To begin this creative journey, first select the element that will serve as the centerpiece of your composition. It could be a lush flower arrangement of peonies and roses, an antique crystal vase inherited from your grandmother, a wrought iron lantern for a rustic wedding, or a long lace table runner for a romantic note.

The next step is to embellish this centerpiece with complementary elements. Play with symmetry by placing candle holders of different sizes on either side of your centerpiece, or create contrast with colorful fruit like pomegranates or lemons for a summer wedding.

The final touch, the one that will make your centerpiece truly unique, is the personalization. Add details that are dear to you like satin ribbons in your favorite color, feathers for a bohemian touch, or cards with quotes that inspire you.

The beauty of the DIY approach is that it not only saves money, but also gives objects a second life or enlists the help of loved ones. Why not ask your friends if they have vases or candle holders that could complement your decor?

Wedding tables: our advice to avoid missteps!

flower wedding centerpiece

Finally, what are our tips for decorating your wedding tables well and not making mistakes ?

  • do not mix everything and anything: you risk ending up with a wedding table that is not harmonious;
  • do not forget to install a main piece to decorate its centerpiece;
  • always associate the colors, shapes and style of decorative objects with the theme of your wedding;
  • pay attention to the shape of the centerpiece which must match the shape of the table;
  • bet on flowers (fresh or dried), opting for a large composition or several small floral compositions;
  • favor intimate and elegant decorative elements;
  • add your personal touch to make your decoration unique!

Whatever centerpiece you choose, a candle holder, a vase, a flower arrangement, a DIY decoration, this one must be in harmony with the decoration of your reception room. For a bohemian wedding, we opt for a bohemian centerpiece, for a romantic wedding, a romantic centerpiece, and so on!


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