How to create your own T-shirt brand?

Do you have a creative soul and your attraction to fashion is beyond doubt? Have you ever thought of creating your own t-shirt brand? Inexpensive and fairly simple to conceptualize, it allows you to launch your brand at a lower cost, without being a designer! With some good advice and motivation, here is how to create your t-shirt brand from A to Z.

Start by choosing a niche style for your t-shirts

Obviously, as you can imagine, there is competition in the t-shirt market. Also, to be sure to put the odds on your side, it is better to embark on a niche market. This type of narrow market generally gives you more sales potential to set you apart from the competition. For example, you can choose t-shirts only with a rock, bohemian or other style, or it can also be eighties t-shirts or any other type of demand that you have identified. Humorous t-shirts, bachelorette party t-shirts, personalized t-shirtsit’s up to you to make up your own mind.

Do a market study

Once you have found your niche, launch the creation of your business plan to evaluate the project. Start by doing careful market research to leave nothing to chance. This step is essential to study the feasibility of your project, do not miss it. Evaluation of demand, supply, definition of the target, mode of distribution of your t-shirts, costs, forecast figure, you will have enough to make the right choices to launch your brand.

To get started with less risk, it is advisable to start with an e-shop. This will limit costs, and thanks to certain e-shop creation platforms, you can even create your e-shop yourself in just a few days or hours.

Place for creation

Now that you’ve studied your project in its entirety, it’s time to get started. After registering your business, you will finally be able to move on to the creation of t-shirts.

Several options are available to you for creation. Have prototypes made by a designer or graphic designer or make them yourself on software like Adobe. This step will take you a bit more time but it is an exciting step. You will be able to refine your positioning and work on the style of your t-shirts by putting your identity on them.

Opt for the print on demand service

print on demand

Rather than having to have your t-shirts made for each order and then having to send them to your customers yourself, opt for a much more practical and economical service: print on demand. This option completely revolutionizes the sale of products online for young traders. Indeed, when you choose this type of service, you immediately obtain several advantages as a brand that is launching.

For example, with print on demand by Printful, it is also possible to directly create the design of your t-shirt thanks to the integrated software. Teams accompany you in the creation of your project. With each order placed, the print-on-demand service is responsible for designing the t-shirt and sending it directly to the customer.

No more order limits needed to start production, no more stocks of goods left on your hands, no do-it-yourself shipping, the risks are greatly reduced!

Print on demand uses the principle of dropshipping. To be able to set it up, all you have to do is integrate it directly into your online store hosting platform.

But be careful, choosing the right print on demand service is extremely important. If the chosen system allows you to save money, do not forget the quality of t shirts to establish your reputation right from the start.

Create your online store

Online Store

From now on, it is possible to create your online store without even having any skills in developing or designing websites. Several marketplaces offer these services and offer great flexibility in terms of customization (theme, colors, fonts, menu types, etc.).

Work on your communication

You can have the best idea in the world for your t-shirts, if you don’t make yourself known, you won’t sell your wonderful t-shirts. A presence on social networks is essential. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, take care of your visual communication by identifying the media on which you want to be present. Establish a marketing strategy consistent with your positioning. For social networks, story telling works very well. Do not think at all costs to sell but rather to tell a story and to make people adhere to your thought or your style.

This is how you will gain new subscribers and potentially new customers!


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