How to choose the right earrings for your wedding?

How to choose the right earrings for your wedding?

Dear brides-to-be, we know that you are preparing for the big day. Between the choice of the dress, the place, the menu, we suspect that your list of things to do is overflowing! And among all these details, a discreet but decisive element can be lost in the hurry: the wedding earrings! Subtle accents that complete your bridal look, earrings are more than just an accessory as they are an expression of your personality and the icing on the cake of your look! SO, how to choose the perfect earrings for your wedding?

Original earrings for a unique bride

Why not choose original wedding earrings that deviate from the ordinary? Opt for atypical patterns, unexpected shapes, brightly colored stones! How about aquamarine? Or sapphire? Their soft and deep blue will bring a touch of originality and color to your outfit. Be bold! If wedding earrings are traditionally diamond or pearl, why not consider the colored gemstone option? A little note of color that could even recall the color codes of your wedding theme!

A timeless classic: earrings with pearls

bride with pearl earrings

There is something eternally elegant in pearl wedding earring models… this soft shine, this chic sobriety… The pearl has a universal charm, a timeless grace! And let’s not forget the baroque pearl, with its irregular shape and unique texture. These freshwater pearls, far from being perfect, have a crazy charm that adds a touch of originality to any outfit. Be that as it may, pearl earrings are real little chameleons, which can play on volumes and proportions, ranging from refined minimalism to assumed maximalism. They can also adorn themselves with other precious stones, such as diamonds or sapphires, to create a contrast of textures. So it’s up to you!

The glamor of dangling earrings

dangling earrings

What could be more feminine, more romantic than dangling wedding earrings that dance with every movement of your head, that twinkle with every smile? They add a touch of sophistication, a touch of Hollywood glamor to your look. Imagine diamonds or pearls delicately falling down your neck, illuminating your face and reflecting the light? Yes, dangling earrings are the promise of subtle elegance and irresistibly charming… to wear with a one-shoulder hairstyle or loose hair.

A return to minimalism: discreet earrings

discreet earrings

For some future brides, “less is more”. For those who opt for an elegant suit, or a simple and effective wedding bun, it is not always necessary to opt for grandiose wedding earrings to be sublime, quite the contrary. Sometimes a pair of minimalist earrings can be just as impressive: diamond stud earrings, for example, or small delicate pearls can add just the right amount of shine without taking the focus away from your face or your dress.

And if you prefer a really clean style, you could even choose to wear simple, geometric earrings. It can add a modern and trendy touch to your wedding outfit while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. And you, which minimalist will you be? A fan of discreet diamonds? Or a fan of chic geometry? After all, beauty often lies in simplicity!

Diamonds… a bride’s best friend

diamond earrings for wedding

Marilyn Monroe was right: diamonds are a woman’s best friend, especially when it comes to diamond wedding earrings. They bring an incomparable brilliance, an absolute elegance. But be careful, in order not to fall into the “bling bling”, settle for diamond stud earrings. They add a touch of luxury to your look without ever stealing the show…because after all, aren’t you the star of the day?

The fashion faux pas to avoid when choosing your bridal earrings

It’s often said that everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty, but let’s be honest, some bad taste can really cast a shadow over your wedding look. Here are some essential rules to keep in mind:


First and foremost, make sure your earrings match your wedding dress. A bohemian style with Art Deco-style jewelry? A definite no. A vintage wedding dress with ultra modern and geometric earrings? We could think twice about it… Anyway, your dress and your jewelry must speak the “same language” to create a coherent and harmonious outfit.

You don’t choose your curls before your wedding hairstyle

Some earrings can be hidden or highlighted depending on the hairstyle you adopt. For example, an updo or a sophisticated braid will show off beautiful dangling earrings. On the other hand, if you have a loose hairstyle with waves, studs or more discreet earrings can be completely drowned in the mass. So before rushing on the first pair of earrings, you must first have thought about your wedding hairstyle… of course!

Size also matters…

While large earrings can bring glamor and elegance, they can also weigh down your look if they are not balanced with the rest of your outfit. Always keep in mind that balance is the key: if your earrings are imposing, it is better to opt for more discreet jewelry for the rest of your set, just to rebalance everything!

Never “betray” yourself

One last tip, but not least: stay true to yourself. Of course, we all like to follow the latest fashion trends, but if they don’t match your personality and your style, the result can seem forced and completely inauthentic.

Never forget that this day is yours. So let your personality shine, as bright as your earrings, and walk down the aisle in confidence. No matter what you choose, you will be the most beautiful, we know that!


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