How to buy a used Rolex GMT-Master?

In terms of excellence, the GMT-Master watch has nothing to envy to current luxury watches. It’s a iconic model of the Rolex brand, a pioneer in aviation watches! Its many models declined over the years have become watches highly sought after by collectors and quality enthusiasts. Obviously, due to their unique design and rarity, these are not easy watches to find on the market.

Fortunately, many versions of the GMT-Master watch are still available on the second-hand sector. There are even new ones never worn, from the very first GMT-Master created in the 1950s to the GMT-Master II.

Do you want to know more about the iconic Rolex model and the art and way of to get a second-hand Rolex GMT-Master? Here’s how to find them!

The Rolex GMT-Master: a legend in the world of watches

Whether the Rolex GMT-Master is one of the most sought-after watches, it is because it is THE emblematic watch of the famous watchmaker. Born in 1955, the GMT-Master Oyster Perpetual is designed to allow pilots to fly. His particuliarity ? It offers the possibility of reading two separate time zones at the same time, something never seen before. Its name is also a reference to this feature since GMT actually means mean solar timeor “Greenwich Mean Time” in English.

Whether its state-of-the-art technology is quickly unanimous in the world of aviation, it is also its unparalleled aesthetics that seduces pilots and gentlemen around the world. The very first GMT-Master model ordered by the PanAm company offers a ultra-sophisticated design. This is reference 6542. Made of Plexiglas, this watch has a graduated blue and red disc (which earned it the nickname Pepsi watch at the time), a rotating bezel and has 4 hands.

Since then, the new versions of the GMT-Master follow one another to take up the flagship codes of the famous GMT-6542. The 1675 will become one of the brand’s best-sellers with its crown guards and its two calibrated movements. Then came the 16750 in the 1980s, with its renewed design and its water resistance up to 100 meters deep. Many sought-after and adored models will follow for their robustness and their sophisticated lines.

Over the years, Rolex watches have become eclectic instrument watches. Deeply rooted in sports culture and the world of explorationthe GMT-Master I and II are highly sought-after luxury watch models.

The oldest have moreover seen their value explode due to their rarity. Also, many connoisseurs and followers of the brand wish to obtain one to display this unique style offered by a used Rolex GMT-Master.

Where to buy a used Rolex GMT-Master?

rolec gmt master black

The oldest models of the GMT-Master are the object of envy by collectors and enthusiasts of historic luxury watches. Since it is no longer possible to find these old models for sale in Rolex boutiques, it is on the second-hand market that you have to turn. Some sites specializing in second-hand luxury watches make it possible to unearth the emblematic models of the GMT-Master watch. On the one hand, they offer the assurance of their authenticity and quality, but on the other hand, they allowacquire the object of all desires at accessible prices for the luxury market. Buyers also appreciate being able to put up for sale on these sites old models from their private collections.

We’re looking for a watch Rolex GMT-Master New and never worn or a vintage icon having already been used, you can find captivating models with unique designs.

At what purchase price are used GMT-Master Rolex watches sold?

gmt master rolex blue and metal

The most recent GMT-Master models with the patented ceramic glasses Cerachrom are extremely robust, which explains why their prices are higher. However, on specialized second-hand sites, there are old new or vintage models with aluminum glasses and preferential rates. It is possible to acquire one of these emblematic luxury watches for prices below €20,000. The newer the models, the higher the prices can go. This will therefore depend above all on the type of GMT-Master sought, its age, and its rarity on the market.


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