How to be always trendy without paying crazy sums?

Want to follow trends andbe well dressed all year round without breaking the bank ? If the mission seems very difficult, some good habits and tips can nevertheless meet the challenge.

From private second-hand sales, to the factory outlet or sales, here are our tips to always be trendy without spending crazy sums !

Shopping during the sales

Well-known first option to be trendy without breaking the bank: shopping during the sales. In summer or winter, the sales are an opportunity for stores to sell off their stocks and for customers to get some good deals, especially on pieces that are a bit expensive off promotion, or for which we fell in love without having the budget at the moment T.

The only downside to sales: sometimes having to rely on luck to find the right piece, in the right size, and with an attractive discount. However, many e-shops offer to prepare your basket in advanceenough to make sure you have the coveted pieces before stocks run out!

Bet on second hand

how to be fashionable without breaking the bank

increasingly popular, second-hand makes it possible to afford quality and often designer pieces for a really low pricewithout forgetting that this operation also makes it possible to limit the impact of the textile industry on global warming, which is rather a good thing.

Thrift store, consignment, purchases between individuals, garage sales or the second-hand section of the big brands (a model that is spreading quickly), the options are numerous and will allow you to do good business, whatever your style and your budget.

And if it is not guaranteed to come across THE vintage piece of your dreams each time you go to a thrift store, the low prices are guaranteed all year round!

Monitor private sales

how to be fashionable without breaking the bank

Very useful to be trendy without breaking the bank throughout the year, private sales are an opportunity to treat yourself to iconic pieces high-end brands such as Zadig & Voltaire without paying crazy sums.

While most brands now offer private sales, in stores or on their website, the most practical is still to subscribe to a multi-brand e-shop like Zalando Privé for example and watch your emails to be aware of upcoming promotions on your favorite labels!

And if private sales are only reserved for a few privileged customers, stocks are limited and good deals go quickly: it is therefore better to be on the job on D-Day having already done your scouting.

Opt for factory outlets

Factory outlets are great bargains on major ready-to-wear brands. Signs can indeed afford to lower their prices in this context because they sell their own products, without going through an intermediary (a reseller) who has to be remunerated.

The result is tall your favorite pieces sold much cheaper than in the city center! A great opportunity to dress chic and trendy without paying crazy sumsbut you still have to live near such stores.

Try your hand at renting clothes and accessories

Do you like to follow fashion every season and regularly renew your wardrobe? You will probably love a rental of accessories and clothing !

Rather than buying the latest fashionable pieces and finding yourself, every 3 months, with an overflowing wardrobe and a lot of clothes you no longer wear, you can rent them. Several clothing and accessory rental companies have launched in recent years and we even see major ready-to-wear labels trying out this brand new operation.

The watchword is to snoop around until you find the formula you like and the style that suits you.

Good habits to always be trendy without paying crazy sums

how to be fashionable without breaking the bank

In summary, it is quite possible to be well dressed, fashionable and elegant in all circumstances and without breaking the bankbut for that you need to adopt some good habits:

  • Avoid compulsive purchases even in the event of a crush: that’s how you end up spending astronomical sums! If you have an irrepressible shopping urge, head to a thrift store or consignment store to treat yourself.
  • Prefer thoughtful purchases: those that meet a need and for which you have taken the time to do some research and comparisons.
  • Be registered with one or two multi-brand e-shops to be aware of promotions and private sales. No need, however, to be registered with ALL e-shops, otherwise you will be overwhelmed by emails (and temptations).


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