How to adopt the Wednesdaycore trend without missteps?

After the Barbiecore, which made our fashion hearts beat last fall, it’s the turn of the Wednesdaycore to shake up the fashion-sphere this season.

Straight out of the world of Tim Burton’s series Wednesday, broadcast on the Netflix platform, “Wednesdaycore” is a clever mix of gothic, chic, glam and a touch of “schoolgirl”… A bold style, therefore, that you have to know how to handle to avoid style errors.

Don’t worry, that’s exactly why we’re here today! find all our tips for adopting the Wednesdaycore trend without missteps.

The wednes-what trend?


The Wednesdaycore trend! As wednesday addams (Wednesday Addams in French), the heroine of the hit series recently broadcast on Netflix.

It is from her look that this brand new trend is inspired, carried by the thousands of publications on social networks, which offer tips and ideas for outfits to imitate the character’s dark and elegant style.

The Gothic aesthetic had already inspired many designers in recent seasonslike Balenciaga, Dior, Givenchy, Balmain, Rochas, Acne Studios or Rokh, who all offered their interpretation of Gothic 3.0.

What are the key pieces to the Wednesday Addams look?


If the look of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series indeed takes up the codes of Gothic, it infuses it with a good dose of elegance, and it is in this delicate balance that lies the essence of Wednesdaycore.

Among the essential pieces of this style, we find some basic goth chic, such as lace blouses, oversized jackets, army-inspired boots, checkerboard patterns or even long-sleeved dresses. All in black, of course.

Where style becomes more complex is when we add very chic piecesvery BCBG, like the maxi collar with points, the ends of the shirt that protrude from the long sleeves, the wise prints, the pleated skirts, etc., which are an integral part of the Wednesday Addams look.

Finally, there are also some more retro noteswhich flirt with the Baroque Gothic style, for example the frilly tulle collar of the Wednesday ball gown, the lace corsets, etc.

In other words, to adopt the Wednesdaycore look, we put on modern clothes in black version (nylon bombers, derbies with XXL sole, sleeveless checkerboard sweater…), which we associate with more “traditional BCBG” pieces like the white shirt with a point or peter pan collar, the striped blazer, the pleated skirt, etc. And we end with a baroque touch, adding for example frills, a lavallière collar…

3 look ideas in the Wednesdaycore trend

Although ultra-trendy, the Wednesdaycore look isn’t that easy to replicate. It is indeed necessary to find the right balance to avoid seeming disguised, which unfortunately often happens when one embarks on a style as strongly marked as the Gothic.

But nothing is impossible, all it takes is a bit of practice and inspiration to pull it off brilliantly! Without further ado, here are our 3 Wednesdaycore look ideasto adapt to your desires and to the occasion of course.

Look Wednesdaycore for a night out


For this look, we put on a black long-sleeved dress with a white collar, aka the official Wednesday Addams coin, worn with a pair of lace tights, for the glam touch, and patent babies, for the chic touch. Accessorise the whole thing with a leather biker jacket to create a nice contrast of materials.

Ultra-chic and a bit sexy, this Wednesday Addams-inspired look will be perfect for a night out on the town.

Look Wednesdaycore at the office

At the office, to stay “office friendly”, we put on a chic outfit above all. We therefore suggest that you opt for a black lace blouse, worn over a small black tank top, with leather pants, always black. Add a striped blazer and a pair of patent leather derbies to complete this look and a small leather backpack, you’ll be perfect!

Look Wednesdaycore in the weekend

Throughout the series, Wednesday Addams shows that she is able to adapt to any situation, and her look with it. So we draw inspiration from its flexibility to create a comfy weekend look, inspired by Wednesday’s goth chic style : black carrot jeans, for the comfy side, a white shirt with a pointed collar and a sleeveless checkerboard sweater, for the Addams touch.

On the feet, we dare the black combat boots and we equip ourselves with an XXL banana worn over the shoulder to store everything we will need throughout the day.

The little extra? A crown of braids, exactly like that of the heroine of the series!

The mistake to avoid for a successful Wednesdaycore look

The main mistake to avoid with the Wednesdaycore style is to do too much. Be careful not to fall into the trap of “too much” by multiplying the references to the Gothic universe: in case of doubt, remember that less is more !

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