Houndstooth trousers: how to wear them?

Houndstooth trousers: how to wear them?

Elegant, chic and refined, houndstooth is absolutely everywhere this winter! The print can be worn in all sauces, and for all styles.

Focus on houndstooth pantsthe must-have for the autumn-winter season.

Fashion-lexicon point: what is the houndstooth pattern?

The houndstooth pattern, “houndstooth” in English, is a pattern created by alternating strips of four light threads and four dark threads on a loom. The alternation of these bands creates the four-pointed houndstooth pattern. If the pattern is maxi, we speak of houndstooth.

The houndstooth has long been reserved for the upper middle class, but we now see it on all styles: rock, preppy, retro, chic-casual, neo-bourgeois…

Anyone can make the houndstooth trend their own.

The essential piece: the houndstooth pants

If you should only haveone piece houndstooth (although there is no good reason to have only one), it would be trousers, undeniably. Focus.

houndstooth pattern how to wear

Which houndstooth pants to choose?

The model of your houndstooth pants is to choose according to your style, there are not so many rules. The pattern we see the most is 7/8 straight pantsthtailored pants atmosphere, but a flare version, high waist or even track-pants will be just as good.

houndstooth pants how to wear

What to wear with houndstooth pants?

Again, it’s all a matter of personal style, since everything goes with houndstooth. We simply advise you to choose plain pieces moreover, unless you are a Mix & Match pro. Do not hesitate, however, to add color : a red sweater, a royal blue coat, forest green pumps… But not all at the same time of course!

houndstooth pants how to wear

Which (other) houndstooth pieces to choose?

Houndstooth coat

One of the reasons why we love houndstooth so much is that it looks pretty on all clothes: sweaters, shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, jumpsuits, coats, jackets… You can afford anything with houndstooth, as long as your garment is well cut. Easy right?

We particularly like the houndstooth coatwith leather or a little rock parts to counterbalance the BCBG side of the houndstooth pattern.

houndstooth pattern how to wear

houndstooth pattern how to wear

Houndstooth accessories

We also love the houndstooth accessory, especially on shoes. You’ll be a hit with a pair of slippers or houndstooth pumps, I promise.

Other accessory option, houndstooth scarf and glovestimeless.


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