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Introducing the Louis Vuitton New Wave Camera Bag

When Louis Vuitton released the New Wave Chain Bag last year it was clear that this line was going to be a big push for the brand. There was a huge ad...
19-04-2019 21:58

The 10 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 19

That’s how the saying goes right" Wrong, but April showers do bring extra hours inside, which often means a little bit of time to kill. Hence, this ...
19-04-2019 21:58

Celebs Endure Blustery Days with Versace, Goyard and FRAME

Windswept celebs are bringing out their best bags for spring. Celebrity hairstyles might’ve taken a hit in recent days (blame the bomb cyclone"), bu...
19-04-2019 21:58

The Half-Moon Shaped Bag is Seriously Underrated

A few years ago I got a Chlo Georgia Bag as a gift and I immediately fell in love with its unique shape and details. While the Georgia Bag wasn’t a...
18-04-2019 22:08

CC 30: This Pragmatic, Self-Proclaimed Nerd Has Great Purcha

This week’s closet confessional comes from a 30-something from Toronto, whose relationship with retail evolved from once getting a university degree...
18-04-2019 22:08

Can the Chanel Gabrielle Bag Stand the Test of Time"

It’s often a bit of stretch to call a handbag an instant classic, but when Chanel debuted the Boy Bag back in 2012 that’s exactly what it became. ...
18-04-2019 22:08

Gucci Goes Back In Time With Its Pre-Fall 2019 Campaign

Gucci‘s newly released Pre-Fall 2019 campaign images are ancient history in the best possible way. For this campaign, Alessandro Michele tapped into...
17-04-2019 22:03

PurseBlog Asks: Would You Wear a Purse Rain Coat"

I love bags more than the average individual and I?ve certainly had my fair share of obsessive handbag behavior, but every now and then I see somethin...
17-04-2019 22:03

Celebs Not Attending Coachella Carry Chanel, Celine and Jil

It has begun: Two weeks’ worth of celebrity photos from the desert. They’re just starting to trickle in now. Coachella is back, and it’s always ...
17-04-2019 22:03

Cosmetics Bags Are My Newest Obsession

I have a confession to make. I am a total beauty product junkie. I am constantly trying new products, always convincing myself somehow that 157th lip ...
16-04-2019 22:04

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Mini Dauphine Bag

While Louis Vuitton‘s most popular bags are the classics (think Speedys, Neverfulls, Keepalls and other monogram canvas offerings), the brand also d...
16-04-2019 22:04

I Never Wanted a Gucci Bag Until…

I never believed in love at first sight. That is, until the moment I laid eyes on the Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Bag in red. It’s important to note t...
15-04-2019 22:06

Love It or Leave It: Fringe Bags

A couple of weeks ago I was doing my routine nightly scroll through social media when I spotted this photo of uber-stylish songstress Dua Lipa. I’m ...
15-04-2019 22:06

Celebs Exit Restaurants and Hotels in Perpetuity with Bags f

Most of the stars we feature here are making a grand entrance or (more frequently) trying to make a quick(ish) exit. Some celebs linger a while, becau...
15-04-2019 22:06

CC 29: This Young NYC Professional Scored His Dream Birkin W

In this week’s Closet Confessional, we learn from this 20-something about his path to a substantial bag collection that was mostly gifted by his gen...
12-04-2019 21:57

Louis Vuitton Pushes ‘New Classics’ In Its Lates

Louis Vuitton is one of the most classic handbag brands around. Since its inception, Louis Vuitton has been known for its durability and classic style...
12-04-2019 21:57

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 12

I just recently said this to my roommate and I’ll reiterate it here: Yes, the weekends go fast, but the weeks sure do too! It honestly feels like I ...
12-04-2019 21:57

Celebs Favor Fendi, Herms and Chanel This Week

Textural, touchable bags are very much en vogue with celebs this week: We’re knee deep in croc and croc-embossed bags, and if we throw in everything...
12-04-2019 21:57

A Look at My New Tina Craig x Nancy Gonzalez Tote

I’ve been blogging for well over ten years now. I’ve watched the rise and the fall of some of the earliest bloggers. I’ve watched the entire lan...
11-04-2019 22:00

I Just Can’t Get Enough of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen&

Do you have a style icon that continuously gives you inspiration and has a direct impact on your personal style" I know I do, and I am lucky enough to...
11-04-2019 22:00

Shopbop’s Most Anticipated Sale is Here!

Good afternoon PurseBloggers. I’ve got a sale alert for you today, and it’s good, it’s reaaaaallly good. Now is the perfect time to stock your s...
10-04-2019 22:04

Dear Vaughn: Month Two and Three

Dear Vaughn, It always bugged me to hear people talking about the 4th trimester, not because I didn’t think it existed, but because I think we over...
10-04-2019 22:04

Introducing Marni’s Spring 2019 Bags

When people ask me what I do for a living one of the first questions they typically ask is either “what’s your favorite designer"” or “what ba...
10-04-2019 22:04

Celebs Add Balenciaga, Stalvey and Prada to Their Springtime

There were many festive occasions for celebs to celebrate in NYC over the weekend. Marc Jacobs got married, and celebrity “Women of Power” were ho...
10-04-2019 22:04

Fendi is Having a Moment and I’m Here for It

Though Fendi has been around for almost 100 years, the brand is having a serious moment right now?and I am very much here for it. Since 1925, the Ita...
09-04-2019 22:02

Tuesday Shoesday: 10 Shoe Trends for Spring 2019 at Every Bu

One of my favorite things about spring weather is the transition from boots, booties and closed-toed shoes to flats, sandals and lightweight sneakers....
09-04-2019 22:02

Real Talk: Stop Putting Your Bag on the Floor

As a bag lover, I have been known to exhibit what some people may consider to be obsessive handbag behavior. I take pride in caring for my bags and wi...
08-04-2019 22:01

Celebs Promote Their Books, Netflix Shows, Etc. with Bags fr

If your reading list is looking slight, or you’ve run out of menu planning inspiration, let celebrity authors be of assistance! Beauty vlogger Gigi ...
08-04-2019 22:01

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 5

In the words of Beyonc, “I see it, I want”, and that’s exactly what happened last year when I fell in love with Prada’s Wicker Bags. Is there...
05-04-2019 21:58

Celebs Step Out with Bags from Celine, Frame and Gucci

Celebs are adding a little extra pizzazz to their spring ensembles this week with extra sharp designer picks. (Spoiler: Some of these ensembles includ...
05-04-2019 21:58

CC 28: A Young Office Administrator Who Used to Spend Hundre

After a brief hiatus, closet confessionals are back and this week we take a look at the shopping habits of a young handbag lover. Three years ago he f...
05-04-2019 21:58

Friday Favorites: Five Things We’re Obsessing Over Thi

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dog-gate Scandal One of the questions I hate answering when I meet new people is “so what do you like to do"”...
05-04-2019 21:58

A Closer Look at the Louis Vuitton Mini Luggage Bag

I recently rediscovered my love for Louis Vuitton monogram, and ever since I’ve started to revisit the idea of adding another monogram piece to my b...
04-04-2019 22:00

The Best Croc Embossed Bags for Spring 2019 at Every Budget

The thing I love most about fashion is that it?s never stagnant. There are always new trends emerging and others being put out to pasture, only to ret...
04-04-2019 22:00

Louis Vuitton?s Summer 2019 Capsule Collection Enlarges the

In addition to Louis Vuitton’s runway collection, every summer a capsule collection is released as well. These collections typically offer a themed ...
03-04-2019 22:00

PurseBlog Beauty: the 5 New Beauty Products I Can’t Ge

I’m not a beauty guru by any means. In fact, I’m one of those people that claims to know pretty much nothing about makeup, but I do know what work...
03-04-2019 22:00

Tie-Dye Prada and Rainbow Valentino Lead a Colorful Pack of

Bags that feature bright, bold splashes of color are making their way to the front of the pack pretty early this spring. We’re bedazzled by all the ...
03-04-2019 22:00

You’ll Be Obsessed With These Perfect Shoe and Bag Pai

Some things just fit together to make a perfect pair. Wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, Sunday and brunch, and my personal favorite: shoes and...
03-04-2019 22:00

Love It or Leave It: Beaded Bags

I really, really, really love pearls. In fact, my obsession reached a new degree a couple weeks ago, where I impulse bought a $128 embellished ...
03-04-2019 22:00

PurseBlog Asks: Which Bag Are You Excited to Take Out Again

Though I’m currently sitting inside my favorite coffee shop with my hands wrapped around a pipping hot cup of tea in between every sentence I type, ...
03-04-2019 22:00

Introducing Medea Handbags, the Minimalist Bag Brand We Love

One of the things I love most about living in New York City (and trust me there are so many!), is the ease of discovering new brands. I live in the Lo...
01-04-2019 21:59

Celebs Turn to Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Chanel for Thei

We’ve been awash in a sea of white and black bags, but this week we have a (comparative) rainbow of designer styles. Events and premieres brought ou...
01-04-2019 21:59

Pharrell’s Capsule Collection with Chanel Will Hit Sto

Pharrell Williams has been teasing us with little hints here and there at his capsule collection with Chanel. Williams has a long design history colla...
01-04-2019 21:59

Celebs Get Down to Business with Dior, Fendi and Louis Vuitt

Someone in our lineup is getting their very own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week, someone else got engaged to Chris Pratt, and I am now fu...
29-03-2019 21:59

Trend to Watch: Mini Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are known for a few things and being tiny usually isn’t one of them. Typically a duffle is great for hauling your things from place to p...
29-03-2019 21:59

The 10 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of March 29

Is it just me or has March been like the longest month ever" Not only has March been dragging, but to round it out this week has felt insanely long to...
29-03-2019 21:59

Lately I’m Obsessed With Accessorizing My Accessories

Handbags have always been my ?thing”. They make me feel pretty even when I?m at my frumpiest and they continuously make me happy. I don?t foresee my...
28-03-2019 22:00

Introducing the Prada Margit Bag

One of the hardest feats a handbag design can master is being both compact and spacious while also remaining fashionable. I spend a lot of time lookin...
28-03-2019 22:00

An Ode to the Perfect Nylon Bag

Depending on your preference, what I’m about to say might come as a shock: I’m in love with nylon bags, just as much (or maybe even a little more)...
27-03-2019 21:59

I Think I Really Like this Celine by Hedi Slimane Bag

Say the words Celine, Phoebe Philo or Hedi Slimane around any handbag aficionado and you’re likely to open up a gigantic can of worms. It’s no sec...
27-03-2019 21:59

Celebs Rely Heavily on Chanel for All Occasions

Do you wear Chanel with sweats" Do you wear Chanel to ftes" Do you wear it here or there" Do you wear it everywhere" This week, the resounding answer...
27-03-2019 21:59

These Statement Bags Are Sure to Catch Your Attention

If I were to assess my wardrobe, I would guess that 75% of it was purchased based on comfort. When I say comfort, I mean leggings, oversized sweaters,...
26-03-2019 21:57

Here’s the Bag Your Favorite Gossip Girl Character Wou

With an abundance of new television shows being released year after year it’s incredibly challenging for a show to amass cultural phenomenon status ...
26-03-2019 21:57

Real Talk: I’m Sorry But I Don’t Want Dumbo on M

The one thing I love about trends (and fashion as a whole) is that they can be interpreted a million different ways depending on the person. An indivi...
26-03-2019 21:57

Celebs Party Down with Herms, Gucci and Oscar de la Renta

Kathy Hilton’s birthday celebration at Mr. Chow in LA provided some excellent bag-spotting opportunities for us this week. Getting the wealthiest an...
25-03-2019 22:00

Love It or Leave It" The Triumphant Revival of Tie-Dye

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to know that tie-dye is one of the biggest trends of 2019. (I know, weird.) A quick Google search brings up do...
25-03-2019 22:00

A Close Look at Gucci’s New Slim, Sleek Everyday Tote

The tote is not only one of the most recognizable handbag shapes, but also one of the most usable, and it can be found in every well-rounded handbag c...
25-03-2019 22:00

Louis Vuitton’s Incredibly Popular Saintogne Bag Now C

We’ve done a lot of talking about camera bags lately, and by the looks of it the camera bag trend is not going anywhere. It’s the one bag shape th...
22-03-2019 21:57

The 10 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of March 22

Another Friday is here and as on most Fridays we’ve got a pretty great set of bag deals for you! As of Wednesday, March 20th it is officially spring...
22-03-2019 21:57

Celebs Opt for Eclectic Picks from Medea, Frame and Hayward

Just when I think the fashion gods have spitefully taken away everything truly good from my life: Lupita Nyong’o starts a press tour! This is likely...
22-03-2019 21:57

Is Saint Laurent Finally Moving Away From Its Obsession With

It’s been 3 years since Hedi Slimane departed Saint Laurent and was replaced by creative director Anthony Vaccarello. Often when a new creative dire...
21-03-2019 22:05

I?ve Got My Eye On a Lavender Bag?.

I have two approaches when it comes to shopping for pretty much anything, especially a new bag. The first is pretty simple and to sum it up with the w...
21-03-2019 22:05

Love It or Leave It: the Return of the Hobo

Do you ever wonder what happens to trends of the past" Do they sit in limbo just waiting for someone to remember they exist, or do they go to some sor...
20-03-2019 21:57

A Close Look At The Already Sold Out Louis Vuitton Lipstick

I used to spend a lot of time exploring my mom’s purses, finding my favorite items and putting some of my own in for her to carry. One of my favorit...
20-03-2019 21:57

A Close Look at Daniel Lee’s First Bags for Bottega Ve

Tomas Maier designed for Bottega Veneta for over 15 years, and his designs were incredibly well liked and embraced by fans of the classic brand. Howev...
20-03-2019 21:57

Celebs Enjoy Ideal Lighting with Bags from Fendi, Louis Vuit

That last bit of late-winter sunlight in LA was even better than an Instagram filter for many of our featured celebs this week. As of March 20, it is ...
20-03-2019 21:57

PurseBlog Asks: What’s Your “It” Bag"

Last month, WWD declared the end of the ?It? bag era, a time in which iconic styles like the Saddle Bag, the Paddington, and the Baguette reigned supr...
19-03-2019 21:57

The Iconic Purple Sequin Fendi Baguette is Available For Pre

If you ask me about a bag brand making huge waves right now I’ll answer Fendi. The revival of not only one of its most iconic bags ever created, but...
19-03-2019 21:57

Ten Bags That You?ll Love for Wedding Season

With the arrival of spring comes the beginning of wedding season, something I look forward to every year. It?s so special to be able to take part in t...
18-03-2019 21:59

The Ten Best Designer Bags Under $1,000, Spring 2019 Edition

For most people, aside from a very small percentage of the population (you know those uber-rich unicorns), a thousand dollars is a pretty large sum of...
18-03-2019 21:59

The Many Bags of Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan is one of the quieter celebrity arbiters of taste. She frequently has the latest bags (especially if it’s a Chlo bag) but she’s fairl...
18-03-2019 21:59

The 10 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of March 15

Hello PurseBloggers and happy Friday. It’s been a little while since we did some serious deal digging, but I hope you’ll forgive us. We took a bit...
15-03-2019 21:58

Celebs Get Glam with Bags from Valentino, Balenciaga and Edi

If you want to lure celebrities out in their best finery, just host a gala that raises money for the arts. OR offer them a pile of money just to show ...
15-03-2019 21:58

Celebrity Purse Lines: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Celebrities and handbag lines go together like oil and vinegar, which is to say they are a common combination, but generally don?t mix well. This is p...
15-03-2019 21:58

These Green Bags Will Have You Feeling Lucky on St Patrick?s

With the month of March comes L Fhile Pdraig, more commonly known as Saint Patrick?s Day, a holiday celebrated annually on March 17th. Irish or not...
14-03-2019 21:55

Celebs Make Their Rounds with Givenchy, Gucci and Celine

Givenchy’s GV3 is one of the more notable up-and-coming styles of this year so far. Celebs seem to love it, but how do you feel about it" It’s a f...
13-03-2019 21:58

Why I?ll Never Let Someone Buy a Bag for Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a thing for bags. It started in middle school, where a “statement” bag was the only way I could accesso...
13-03-2019 21:58

I Would Totally Twin Millie With This Shoe And Bag Combo

I am still mostly on maternity leave but have been getting back into work when I can (I really miss it!). I unfortunately have spent more time than I...
13-03-2019 21:58

Louis Vuitton’s Wildly Popular NoNo Now Comes in a M

For many people, spring signifies a fresh start and that new beginning often begins with a big spring cleaning. For handbag lovers, a new season means...
13-03-2019 21:58

See Every Bag from the Herms Fall 2019 Runway Show

While fashion month has come to its inevitable close and we’ve already shared our favorite bags from the Fall 2019 shows we have one more show to ta...
12-03-2019 21:59

10 Bags That Give You the Look for Less

Back at the beginning of 2019 I rounded up some of my favorite looks for less for all of my fellow budget shoppers out there. As it turns out, I?m no...
12-03-2019 21:59

Celebs Slink Around with Bags from Hermes, Stella McCartney,

Nicky Hilton’s mystery bag is foremost on my mind today, dear readers. Can anyone ID" It taunts me more than 99.8% of all the less than instantly id...
11-03-2019 21:58

The 20 Best Bags of the Fall 2019 Runway Shows

If you really hate the logo trend that’s plagued the bags of fashion week for the last few seasons than you’re in for a treat with Fall 2019’s b...
11-03-2019 21:58

Everyone Needs a Classic and Chic LBB

PurseBloggers, listen closely. I have an incredibly important announcement that you will either find painfully obvious or oddly helpful: It’s time y...
11-03-2019 21:58

10 Things My Spring Wardrobe is Craving

People often ask me if I could ever see myself moving out of New York, and while the short answer is simply no, the long answer is bit more complex. F...
08-03-2019 21:56

It Certainly Felt Like Winter At Chanel’s Fall 2019 Ru

Nobody does a runway show quite like Chanel, and if you can expect one thing it’s that the bags will always correlate to the season for which they a...
08-03-2019 21:56

PFW Ends with Louis Vuitton and Chanel Bags Galore, Of Cours

Put a pin in it, Paris Fashion Week is over. Louis Vuitton’s Louvre runway show and Chanel’s woefully Lagerfeld-less, chalet-themed presentation o...
08-03-2019 21:56

Louis Vuitton Banks Big on Mini Bags for Fall 2019

For handbag lovers, the Louis Vuitton fashion show is one of the most anticipated of Paris Fashion Week. Unlike many other design houses that show at ...
07-03-2019 21:55

I Found a Great Brand of (Affordable) Luxury Shoes!

I will always be a handbag girl first and foremost, however shoes and bags go hand in hand (or hand and foot if you will). I am not a high heel stilet...
07-03-2019 21:55

Channel Spring With These 10 Light and Bright Bags

I never understood the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day. I’ve read up on the history (it’s pretty snobby!), but as someone who lives in M...
07-03-2019 21:55

Why is Storing Purses So Hard"

In the past few weeks, my colleagues have been amazed at the breadth of my purse collection. I show up to work carrying a purse they haven?t seen befo...
06-03-2019 21:56

Celebs Opt for Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton Exclusively Duri

The Louis Vuitton squad has arrived in Paris in full force. LV usually gets one of the best (and last) spots in the Paris Fashion Week line-up, and th...
06-03-2019 21:56

Givenchy Introduces Its Newest Bag on the Fall 2019 Runway

When a new designer takes the reigns at a major fashion house, it sometimes takes a few seasons for them to come into their own. Clare Waight Keller t...
05-03-2019 21:57

Chanel’s Spring 2019 Lookbook is Here?See Pics + Price

Back in October we gave you a first look at Chanel’s Spring 2019 bags, straight from the runway of Paris Fashion Week. Like most of its shows, the e...
05-03-2019 21:57

Valentino Continues to Push Its New Logo Bags for Fall 2019

In recent years, Valentino‘s runway shows weren’t all that shocking. They included the usual suspects?Rockstuds galore, mini-bags, and trendy styl...
05-03-2019 21:57

A Close Up Look At Loewe’s Fall 2019 Runway Bags

In a fashion-filled world of mini-bags and oversized logos, it’s refreshing to see a collection of extremely wearable bags that are both on trend, b...
04-03-2019 21:58

PurseBlog Asks: My Best Friend Bought a Fake, Would You Say

I understand that not everybody is a handbag lover. In fact, no one in my life takes handbags as seriously as I do. Bags are my ?thing?, which I?m wil...
04-03-2019 21:58

Models Make Their Way Around PFW with Bags from Louis Vuitto

All the modeling greats have assembled in Paris for the final days of Paris Fashion Week–Kate, Karlie and Kaia (no Kendall though, curiously)–but ...
04-03-2019 21:58

The Hottest New Bags from Chlo and Givenchy Continue to Bui

You guys, I almost forgot about Paris Fashion Week. Milan ended, and I thought to myself “Put a pin in it, no more pics of celebs standing outside o...
01-03-2019 21:58

Natacha Ramsay-Levi Locks It Down With Chlo’s Fall 20

Chlo has had some serious bag hits in the last 5 years or so. Former designer Clare Waight Keller knocked it out of the park with bags like the Drew,...
01-03-2019 21:58

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Celebs Endure Blustery Days with Versace, Goyard and FRAME

Celebs Endure Blustery Days with Versace, Goy...

Windswept celebs are bringing out their best bags for spring. Celebrity hairstyles might’ve taken a hit in recent days (blame the bomb cyclone"), but spring bag trends are becoming more and more obvious: Oversized bags are back, top-handled... -


The moment I checked into The Retreat Blue Lagoon hotel in Iceland, I did an immediate exhale. I had just landed after two back-to-back work trips in Europe and I was so ready for a real calming getaway. At The Retreat, I was welcomed by giant... -
Celebrating 10 Years of Memories With My Louis Vuitton Speedy

Celebrating 10 Years of Memories With My Loui...

I’ve written about my Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25 a few times before and though it has always held a special place in my heart, until I began to work it back into my bag rotation recently I don’t think I realized how much it actually means... -
The Half-Moon Shaped Bag is Seriously Underrated

The Half-Moon Shaped Bag is Seriously Underra...

A few years ago I got a Chlo Georgia Bag as a gift and I immediately fell in love with its unique shape and details. While the Georgia Bag wasn’t a huge hit for the brand, and I eventually did sell mine (it was blue and I barely used it), I often... -

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