Fashion decryption of K Pop and its followers

Long remained confidential in the West, K-Pop has become, in just a few years, an absolutely essential musical style today, in France and internationally.

Far from being limited to a musical style indeed, K Pop is a real cultural currentwith its codes and rules, including clothing.

Your Good Friends make you discover today the essence of K-Pop style, its dress codes and key pieces.

What is K-Pop?

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Straight from South Korea, K pop is above all a contemporary style of music, which brings together several musical trends (hip hop, dance, electronics, etc.). We could compare the idols of K Pop to Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande or even Selena Gomez, both in terms of style of music as well as audience and influence. IThe songs are catchy, the choruses catchy, the choreographies impressive and the singers super stylish.everything you need to make it pleasing in short.

If the current K Pop has only touched our European ears for a few years, the current is actually much older than that. It was during the 90s, at the end of the war, that the current K Pop developed. with, as first idols, the members of the group Seo Taji & Boys. The development of K Pop in Korea accompanies its openness to the world and its transition to a democratic state, an openness that can be found in the Western influences of titles from K-Pop.

Since the 1990s, K Pop has conquered many other regions, starting with Japan and extending to Latin America, North Africa, India and, of course, Europe.

What influence in France for K Pop?

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The k pop influence is increasingly present in France due to a growing number of fans of Korean popstars. Difficult to assess accurately, the number of French k pop fans would be between 300,000 and 500,000an estimate based on the number of followers of the biggest K Pop social media accounts.

More and more concerts are organized each year in France by the big names in Korean pop –BTS has already filled the Stade de France twice– as well as events and meetings between fans.

In short, a growing community in France and around the worldand international artists whose titles are hugely popular.

K Pop fashion codes: the key pieces

Inspired by the greatest icons of the movement, the K Pop style is very elaborate and particularly sophisticated, both for men and women. A clever mix of a conservative heritage, major haute couture brands and, above all, streetwear, the K Pop style leaves no one indifferent. We take stock of the key pieces of the K Pop look.

Branded and luxury shoes

k-pop shoe

Vans, Puma, Nike, Converse… many renowned brands are betting on the K Pop look by creating specific lines of shoes, sometimes even directly in collaboration with the BTS group.

Luxury brands are also getting involved: Off White, BalenciagaBurberry by creating colorful sneakers, often worked with a big sole. Some pairs of shoes sell for exorbitant prices, but can be found at a lower price thanks to the Sarenza and Cash Back reduction systems in particular.

The baggy and the cargo pants

Whether we’re talking about Korean men’s fashion or women’s k pop style, baggy pants and cargo pants are two must-have pieces. Generally high waisted and worn with a crop top for girls, with a T-shirt and a shirt for boys, cargo pants (like baggy pants) are the basis of a typically K-Pop casual look.

The oversized sweatshirt


Essential streetwear, the oversized sweatshirt is a piece that k-pop fans can’t live without. Worn with a schoolgirl skirt, cargo pants or even simple slim jeans, the XXL sweatshirt, if possible stamped with the logo of her favorite group, can be worn in all circumstances.

The XXL t-shirt

Like the sweatshirt, the K Pop T-shirt can be chosen largely oversized and can be worn in all sauces. The oversized trend is clearly one of the hallmarks of k-pop fashion.

We choose it preferably screen-printed, with an illustration of a K Pop group, song lyrics, etc.

The schoolgirl skirt

As for women’s k pop style, the trend is girly mixed with sexy. Thus, the pleated schoolgirl skirt is a must, worn with a white shirt and high socks for a worked look, with a loose T-shirt or oversized sweatshirt for a more casual outfit. Anyway, we dare the schoolgirl skirt with sneakers, THE trendy shoe at the moment among K Pop artists.

The trend of couple wearing

fashion k pop couple wear

Last absolutely K Pop fashion element: the trend of couple wear. Also called the ” couple looks », this trend wants couples to wear matching outfitsT-shirts with the same logo, a dominant color, similar pants… The idea is not to wear exactly the same thing but rather to have something in common with your partner in order to publicly display your affection.


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