EVJF: tips for a successful organization

The bachelor party is a very important event for the future bride. It’s time to turn a page of his life with panache, surrounded by his closest friends. Whether you are the lucky one or whether you are in charge of the organization of the EVJF, I give you some tips for everything to be successful.

Create personalized t-shirts for the EVJF

Personalized t-shirts are the ideal accessories to make the bachelor party a unique and memorable moment. It can sometimes be difficult to make the event special for the bride-to-be and all her friends in attendance. With some personalized t-shirts for your friend’s bachelorette party, the group will be more cohesive and it will be easier for everyone to feel involved. Above all, you should choose a design that matches the personality of the bride or the theme of the wedding.

If you want to highlight the funny side, you can screen print a funny photo of the whole gang in a cartoon version or opt for a humorous message. If it’s the emotion you want, you can just mark the date of the event or symbols that represent the key moments in the love story of the bride and groom. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity run wild, but keep the design simple and easily recognizable.

Once you have made your choice regarding the design, you can decide on the type of t-shirt and the printing technique you want to adopt. I advise you to choose quality personalized t-shirts, in organic cotton and in solid color, with the theme of the EVJF. When it comes to printing, you can choose from several options, namely screen printing, sublimation and thermal transfer. Many service providers can offer to take care of the creation from A to Z.

In addition, the fast delivery of your personalized t-shirts can also be included in the service offered by the garment printing specialist. If you want to create a small number of t-shirts, heat transfer can be an affordable and easy-to-make option. If you want something simple, yet meaningful, print the bride-to-be’s name and the date of the bachelorette party on the t-shirts. It will add a personal touch and make these t-shirts unique keepsakes. Be sure to allow plenty of time to create them, as you may need to do touch-ups.

Choose a theme for the party that reflects the personality and style of the bride-to-be

group of girls celebrating a bachelorette party by the pool

When choosing the theme of the party, it is essential to take into account the personality and style of the future bride. If she is romantic and bohemian, a small evening under the theme “Boho Chic” could please her. If she’s a lover of good music and she likes to push the song, privatize a karaoke and plan a giant playlist with all her favorite songs. She can have fun with all her best friends, putting herself in the shoes of a diva for an evening.

Once you’ve decided on the theme for the bachelorette party, make sure all the elements of the party, from the decorations to the entertainment, are cohesive. For example, if you’ve chosen a tropical theme, use palm trees or exotic birds on the invitations and decorate the space with tropical plants like dwarf palms. You can also organize water games and hula dance lessons as entertainment. To make the party a success, do participate all the friends invited to the EJVF to the preparations.

Organize a small pre-hen party brainstorming meeting where you can discuss ideas and share tasks. This will strengthen team spirit and allow everyone to feel involved in organizing a unique party for the future bride. Finally, be sure to take into account the preferences of the latter. If she’s not a fan of extravagant or theatrical themes, opt for something more subtle and elegant. Sometimes a simple dress code or a specific color scheme can be enough to give a thematic touch to the event without being too intrusive.

Set a budget for the event and stick to it

The budgetary part is essential for the rest of the stages of the organization of the EVJF. Once the date is set, you should ask all participants how much they are willing to pay for the party or the planned activities. The easiest way is to do a survey in the form of spending ranges: less than 100 €, between 200 and 300 € and so on.

As an indication, a EVJF weekend costs on average 150 € per day and per person. Once everyone has answered, the majority choice wins. However, if several people answered below the budget, opt for the lower range of the amount. It is possible to respect everyone’s budget, but it is still necessary to provide a margin of 20 to 30 euros in the event of a small unforeseen event.

Send out invitations weeks in advance so guests have time to respond

invitation kit for a bachelor party

When you organize a bachelorette party, sending invitations at the right time is very important so that all your friends can participate. Above all, it is necessary to first draw up a list according to the preferences of the future bride. You will need to include his close friends, family members or important people in his life. Make sure you get full contact details, including mailing addresses and email addresses, so you can send them the invitations.

Once the list is compiled, take care of the design and printing of the invitations with care. Opt for a design or a format corresponding to the theme of the EVJF and which reflects the atmosphere you want to set up. Whether it’s traditional paper format invitations or personalized digital invitations, make sure that all the relevant information is included: the date, time, location of the event and contact details for responses.

As for the calendar, it is advisable to send invitations at least four to six weeks before the date planned for the EVJF. Guests will thus have enough time to check their availability and organize themselves accordingly. If you are planning specific activities or need to confirm reservations, it is better to include them in the invitation and request a response by a specific date.

Plan activities that will appeal to the guests

group of women celebrating a bachelor party on the beach

From classic activities for an EVJF, you have the choice between karaoke, which always guarantees a moment full of laughter and conviviality, or even a day at the spa, with a thalasso program, massages and treatments. The advantage with these two activities is that you don’t have to choose between the two if you have enough time. During a weekend, you can start with karaoke and a night out dancing in the disco and end the weekend with a spa day to keep everyone refreshed and relaxed.

If you and your friends are fearless and like sporting challenges, you can also opt for original bachelor party activities such as the Olympics. Organize a half-day of team games to challenge each other, under the supervision of a coach of course. Another safe bet is the EVJF photo shoot to immortalize this event as it should be. Occasionally, you can put on matching outfits like a satin bathrobe or the famous personalized t-shirt. If the bride-to-be is addicted to thrills, don’t hesitate to organize an activity like parachute jumping for her bachelorette party. Offer him the incredible experience of jumping from an airplane at an altitude of more than 3000 meters! Also remember to organize a few EVJF games to fill the days!

Choose a comfortable place suitable for the number of guests

The last criterion for ensure the success of an EVJF is the choice of the appropriate location. It is indeed crucial to create a pleasant atmosphere so that everyone feels comfortable. Consider the number of expected guests and consider the nature of the event you plan to host. The space required will not be the same whether it is a small intimate evening, a karaoke evening or the Olympics of indoor activities. If you want to throw a giant slumber party with all your friends, you might consider hosting the bachelorette party in a spacious house or apartment. The atmosphere will be more intimate and more comfortable.

If your guest list is larger, look for options to rent rooms or venues suitable for the event. There are many establishments that offer private spaces for special events such as restaurants, private clubs or party rooms. Be sure to visit the place beforehand to make sure it meets your expectations in terms of size, amenities, and comfort.


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