Dressing Guidelines EVERYONE Ought to Be taught As soon as And For ALL


At present I am sharing dressing guidelines everybody ought to be taught. Subscribe right here for extra movies like this: http://bit.ly/2pFnkE7 These …



  1. This is a video on fashion clueless. Even the jacket and top worn during the presentation is terrible. If women really want a good idea of classy, flattering clothes for a reasonable cost, they should watch Dominique Sacchi. Much, much better. I was dressed by the top personal shopper from Saks Fifth Avenue for years. I can't believe how poorly she dressed for her own video. Clueless. This is the way not to make an impression.

  2. Get the correct undergarments!! Get a professional bra fitting!! You can have a camisole on when they measure!! You will look so much better in your clothing!!! You need different types of bras for different types of garments!! NOT just T-shirt bras ladies!!!Also, ladies wear slips!! Those skirts in Spring and Summer are see through otherwise!! Plus under Fall and Winter clothing a slip will make your skirt fall much nicer over your body!! Always wear YOUR NUDE under anything white!!!! Yes, wear nude shoes and high waisted garments either pants or skirts will make you look taller!! But wearing the same color shoes, bottom and tops will also make you look taller!! Find out if your colors are warm or cool and wear them!! If warm colors are best on yo stick with that side and cool colors stick with that side!! Use a color wheel to put opposite colrs together on the wheel to start!! There are many more combinations using the color wheel that I hope you will cover!!

  3. I love high waist wheather it's jeans, skirts, shorts, trousers l really really really really love high waist and netural colour outfits, undergarments and an organic cotton things honestly speaking

  4. High waist is ok for her, because she has a long waist area and small breasts – a short waist area and big breasts look better, if you do not tuck your shirt under the trousers.

  5. I am heavy on buttocks so can't wear top tucked in. So can't wear high waisted pants. What's the solution to this. Also to look better tucked in looks better so what's the next best thing to do for heavy bottomed girls.

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