DIY: How to make a beautiful wedding napkin fold?

The elegance of a wedding decoration is played out in the smallest details. The way to fold napkins on wedding tables is therefore not trivial. DIY: how to make a beautiful wedding napkin fold? Our tutorials to showcase wedding napkins.

A heart napkin fold

Marriage celebrates love, the heart is its symbol. The heart napkin fold is therefore perfect whatever the theme of the wedding.

  • For fold a napkin into a heart shape, you start by placing it flat in front of you. It is first folded in half, before folding the sides towards the center.
  • We widen the edges on one side only to form the rounded parts of the heart.
  • Place the folded napkin upright and reshape the heart if necessary.

A folding napkin pouch

Folding a towel into a pocket is very elegant and very practical. This makes it possible to nicely present cutlery, a bouquet of flowers, a party accessory…

  • To fold a wedding napkin in a pocket, you spread the unfolded napkin in front of you. Fold the top and bottom of the napkin towards the center.
  • The napkin thus folded into a rectangle, it is made a quarter turn, so as to have the longest part in the direction of the height. In the same way as before, fold the top and bottom of the napkin towards the center.
  • We find a square, which we fold again once on itself to obtain the final rectangle. The folded napkin then takes the form of a rectangular pocket, ready to be filled.

A lotus flower napkin fold

The folding of a napkin in lotus flower embellishes the tables nicely. He is perfect for zen, flower or nature themed weddings.

  • To do the lotus napkin fold, place the unfolded napkin in front of you. The square is rotated so as to have a point upwards.
  • This point is folded back on itself towards the center. We do the same for the 4 points of the square.
  • The operation is repeated by folding again each point obtained towards the center. Then again with the new spikes.
  • The napkin is then folded into a small square, which is turned over before folding its points towards the center again.
  • At each corner, the rear part is unfolded. We press slightly recess the part closest to the center to create the petals.
  • We unfold again a side of the napkin, located between each petal but on the back of the napkin.
  • Finally, the last triangles unfold, still on the back of the napkin, at the level of the four petals.

A bow tie napkin fold

The elegance of the bow tie nicely dresses a wedding plate while waiting for the start of the service.

To fold a towel like a bow tie, start by folding it in four, then in half. We mark the central fold. Each side is then worked like an accordion: a small fold forward, a small fold backwards, etc. For this step, we take great care to enter all the thicknesses of the napkin.

All that remains is to tighten the center and hold it with a pretty wedding-themed accessory: ribbon, jute rope…

A pyramid napkin fold

A pyramid-folded napkin provides a nice volume on a wedding table.

  • We take the towel unfolded in front of us. You place your finger in the center to hold the napkin in place, while bringing the center of one edge to the center of one of the two adjacent edges.
  • Then bring the corner of the towel to the opposite corner, without pressing, so as to create a sort of roll.
  • The two remaining sides are then brought in turn, always on the same angle so as to have two new rollers.
  • Holding the towel by its tip, it is straightened by resting on the rollers.

It is possible to create a two-color pyramid by folding a second colored napkin in the same way and insert it between two rolls of the first towel.

spiral napkin folding

The wedding napkin folded in a spiral gives a very light finish, a bit like whipped cream. Visually, it is very appreciable on a wedding table already very loaded with decoration and dishes..

  • To make a spiral napkin fold, a napkin is folded in half. We take its upper right side and bring its lower corner to the corner at the left end. In this way, we have a square partially surmounted by a triangle.
  • Fold the triangle back on itself. We grab the top fold of the square and we superimpose it on the triangle. The operation is repeated with the last remaining fold. Mark the folds of the napkin well.
  • We wrap the towel tightly on itself, then we put it upright and we release. We spread the sides to bring even more lightness to the folding.

These wedding napkin folds are quick and easy to make. They can be made with cloth napkins as with paper napkins, for small weddings or for a large wedding.


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