Create your capsule wardrobe: our advice for a perfect wardrobe!

We told you about it recently, the capsule wardrobe concept is becoming more and more emulated, and rightly so. To know what it is capsule wardrobe exactly, we invite you to take a look at our article. If you are already a fan of the concept and are looking some tips for creating your capsule wardrobestay here !

Preparing your capsule wardrobe

Defining your style: an essential first step

As we want to obtain a dressing room that suits us, you have to start by defining your style : are you more girly, comfy, sporty, chic, trendy…? To find out, ask yourself what you look like on a daily basis: what is the outfit you wear the most to go to work? What do you wear on the weekend? Do you often go to events dressed? What do you wear for a night out on the town? Etc. The answers to these questions will let you know what you really wear, and therefore what your style is.

Sort your dressing room

When you know what your style is, you can sort out your wardrobe. Let it be said, it’s a bit rough, but it’s cathartic. Start by putting everything on your bed and create three piles: the “I love wearing it and I put it on often”, the “ok, I don’t wear it very often but I like it a lot” pile, and the “I didn’t even know I had it anymore / but why did I buy this” pile. You can store the first pile in your dressing room and throw away the last one. Regarding the “maybe” pile, you can keep it for a month: the pieces worn during this reprieve have the right to remain, the others not.

Take stock of their needs

Once sorted, you can calmly take stock of your needs. For example, if you have found that you wear your black sweater very often, maybe it would be a good idea to buy a second one? Be careful, this is no excuse for having an irresponsible shopping session!

What pieces should you have in your capsule wardrobe?

You would have understood it, Succeeding in your wardrobe capsule is above all a question of good foundations. We give you some tips for choosing the right parts.

Timeless basics: our selection

By “timeless” we mean pieces that are always pretty, always in tune with the times, and which are unlikely to turn into a fashion faux-pas next season. According to U.S, the greatest essentials are :

  • The trench: choose beige and belted for a truly timeless version.
  • The blazer: prefer basic-chic colors (black, grey, navy blue, camel…).
  • The classic raw or black jeans.
  • “Chic” pants: pants that you can wear to the office.
  • The white shirt: you can’t go wrong with an oversized fit.
  • The loose sweater: a little loose or downright XXL.
  • Several T-shirts: white, black, gray and striped for a perfect combo.
  • One or two dresses: prefer straight or trapeze cuts.
  • The denim jacket, the perfecto, the safari jacket: choose one or the other of these jackets for mid-season looks we flak. Tip, customize your jacket with pins to give it an extra trendy touch.
  • A beautiful coat for the winter.
Create your capsule wardrobe: our advice for a perfect wardrobe!
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Make your choice according to your style and your figure, and add a few pairs of timeless shoes: leather boots, sneakers, loafers, pumps…

Extra parts: your personal touch

To avoid getting bored with your capsule wardrobe, add a few pieces that look like you, your ” statements ” to you. To do this, define the colors and prints that highlight you, and then choose some trendy pieces that suit you. At the moment, you could for example choose a leopard print scarf, a houndstooth blazer, an organza blouse… Have fun!

Example of spring wardrobe capsule

Let’s get out of theory a bit and look at an example of a spring wardrobe capsule. Of course, these are only suggestions, it’s up to you to add and remove what you want!

For the bottoms:

  • Slouchy jeans (jeans with darts).
  • A paper bag.
  • A lamé pleated midi skirt.
  • Slim or cigarette black jeans.

For the tops:

  • An oversized white shirt.
  • An organza blouse.
  • A baby blue blouse.
  • One white and one black t-shirt.
  • A long-sleeved sailor top.
  • A light XXL jumper: pale pink, pearl grey, ecru, beige…

The jackets :

  • A trench coat.
  • A denim jacket.
  • A rain jacket.

The accessories :

  • A bucket bag.
  • A pocket.
  • A pair of black ankle boots.
  • A pair of fashionable sneakers.
  • A pair of derbies.
  • A leopard belt.

The wardrobe capsule in a nutshell

  • A wardrobe that matches your style, your body type, and your complexion.
  • Real good basics that you will keep for a long time.
  • Some seasonal pieces to change from time to time.
  • Few pieces but many outfits.


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