Clogs, the trendiest shoes of the season!

Clogs, the trendiest shoes of the season!

Fashion is an eternal renewal. Regularly, vintage clothes and shoes become trendy again, for our greatest pleasure. However, it can also scare some people away, for fear of appearing corny.

In this year, clogs are coming back to the fore. Don’t worry, thanks to our advice, you’ll love wearing them and adopt a trendy look!

The little story of the hoof

It was in the 15th century that the clog made its first appearance in the most underprivileged circles. Practical, it allowed to move in the streets as in the fields. Four centuries later, it becomes a pure symbol of revolution.

Shunned for a long time, he did not let himself be defeated: he made his big comeback in the 1970s and becomes ultra fashionable.

In the early 2000s, clogs were back in vogue. He knows ups and downs, to finally make his big comeback in recent years and especially this season, we see it everywhere with the big names in fashion. It sits proudly among Isabel Marant, Jonak, Chloé, Toga Pulla and Maje women’s summer shoes.

Isabel Marant clog
@Isabel Marant on Galeries Lafayettes

Clogs this season

For this year, the women’s clog comes in two different styles: the clog with a heel and the clog with a flat sole.

In summer, it serves as a sandal, and in cold weather, it is quite possible (and even completely trendy) to wear it with socks! And for the more fashionable among us, there are fur clogs: a chic and trendy look guaranteed!

When to wear clogs?

stylish women's wooden sole clogs

Clogs are worn all year round !

In summer, spring and autumn, you can wear them with a dress, shorts, jeans… the possibilities are endless. On the other hand, in winter, it becomes more complicated to wear clogs, but it is still possible.

To have style in clogs this winter, without being cold, you can:

  • Pair a winter dress and printed tights with fur clogs.
  • Wear a long sweater and straight jeans with furry clogs.

How to wear clogs and be trendy?

Wondering what to wear with clogs to look stylish? Well aware that these shoes are not the easiest to wear, here we give you some clothing tips to proudly display your clogs and follow the trend.

Adopt a bohemian look

red woman clogs

If there’s one style that clogs fit perfectly, it’s the bohemian look! So favor long dresses and vaporous skirts, with lace and flowers, and bet on patterns, natural colors, fringes…

For the top, wear a knitted cardigan, a studded jacket or a small delicate silk tank top.

Finally, as far as your clogs are concerned, prefer those in leather with a wooden solepreferably brown in color to stay in natural shades!

In summer, take out the shorts and the shirt

To be stylish on beautiful summer days, you can count on your clogs! The ideal look? Denim shorts, a long bohemian-looking brown shirt and pretty mustard-colored high-cut clogs.

By adopting this dress look, you will be trendy and assert your personality.

Combine jeans and clogs

For an outfit that is both elegant and comfortable, pair your clogs with flare jeans. Your shoes are fitted with small heels, dyed in navy blue and have pretty decorative braids.

Be smart at work…

Do you want to wear clogs at work while sporting a chic and professional outfit? Know that it is quite possible! You can, for example:

  • Opt for a denim dress and small clogs with heels (not too high) khaki color.
  • bet on a gray shorts suit and white clogs leather with a wooden sole.
  • Choose an entirely white and distinguished jumpsuit, contrasting with lilac-colored clogs.

… and be chic in the city

leopard woman clogs

Do you want to wear clogs when you go out in town? The latter must therefore be elegant, with heels and sophisticated. Fortunately, nowadays there are many models that adapt perfectly to your most elegant and chic outfits, such as:

  • Clogs with animal prints (leopard, cow…).
  • The silver and spangled clogs.
  • Western-style studded clogs.
  • Clogs with velvet.
  • Modern heeled clogs in leather.

Dare clogs to be trendy all year round

The advantage of clogs is that they can be worn all year round. In addition, they sublimate your outfits and allow you to wear a trendy look, provided you know how to highlight them! So, to be chic, elegant and fashionable in any season, dare to wear clogs!


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