Classic jewelry is back in fashion

Timeless, jewelry continues to seduce and make many people dream. They are mainly worn on the hands, on the wrists, on the ears, on the neck and on the head. There are classic jewels that have long been overlooked and are coming back to the fore. Some remind us of royalty due to their nobility, while others are among our grandmothers’ favorite jewels. In this article, we review these jewels and present their particularities as well as the different variations of these jewels.

The medallion, a piece of jewelery that is still just as trendy

Also called a medallion, the medallion resurfaces and is among the trendiest jewelry from the moment. Currently, the baptism medal is the best known version. The medallion can have a pattern engraved on the face or in relief. Its face is matte or shiny, while the contours are often smooth, blurred or chiseled. The most classic style remains the motif of the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus in her arms and that representing an angel with wings and a child’s head.

The old medallion can also be engraved with a quote, a first name or a date. Endowed with a strong symbolic power, it made it possible to mark a membership. It has the ability to attach itself to a jumper or a short chain, or to wear with a set pendant.

The most common design material for the medallion is gold. This precious metal is indeed more resistant and durable and can thus accompany you all your life. You then have the choice between yellow gold and white gold. Silver is also an alternative solid material.

The price of the locket may vary depending on several factors such as weight, material of manufacture, pattern and size. Obviously, the silver medals are the cheapest (from around 20 euros). For gold medallions, the price varies between 100 and 250 euros. Do not hesitate to discover this large selection of trendy jewelry on the site of a online jewelry store.

The bracelet

woman with classic jewelry

The bracelet is also one of the classic jewels that are making a comeback. It is the type of jewel that it is possible to design in the image of its owner since it wears engraving his surname and first name or his initials. The bracelet is made with links and decorated with a plate bearing the inscription. There are 3 categories of bracelets: bracelets for baptism, bracelets for men and bracelets for women.

The gold version is the most popular with women. Here you have the choice between different colors: white, yellow, pink, etc. We can also turn to the silver bracelet which can be harmonized with many jewels. In terms of size, we advise you to bet on the thin bracelets with meshes of about 5 mm wide. However, there are other larger models. In all cases, the choice is made according to your morphology and your tastes. To know the size of your wrist, just measure it. Then, add 1 cm to it in order to know the right length of bracelet.

The marquise ring

marquise ring

The marquise ring is distinguished by its elongated bezel that covers part of the phalanx. Very elegant, it was created in the 18th century, at the time of Louis XIV who wanted to please his favorite. This jewel can be set with a paving of stones or with a single fine stone adopting a shuttle shape.

There marquise ring reflects a very coveted retro style these days. Depending on the fine stones and metals used, it can feature different styles and shapes.

The signet ring

female signet ring

Among the classic jewels that have come back into fashion, we also regularly mention the signet ring. It is easily recognizable by its large size. Previously, it was worn by men at the level of the right little finger. As for the eldest of the family, he had to wear it on the right directory. This ring was historically reserved for knights and princes. Its particularity was that it put forward symbols on a plate located on the upper part of the ring. It could be initials or a family coat of arms. Thus, it was very widespread in the families of the French nobility. There are also many signet rings which are the subject of rituals of belonging to a fraternity or a group.

The signet ring is made with a precious metal: gold, platinum or silver. Nowadays, it can carry different inscriptions or patterns depending on the identity of the owner. You can choose to engrave a first name, an important date, an important place, your initials, your surname, etc. There are also models with skull, lion’s head or guitar motifs, for example.


woman with trendy brooch

The brooch is a classic jewel that does not go out of fashion, even if it has long been relegated to the background. As part of the oldest jewelry, it was previously used as a fastener to close a garment, a stole or a jacket. In the history of jewelryit greatly inspired craftsmen.

Among its variants, we can cite the bar brooch which was born in the 19th century. This is characterized by its long and narrow shape. Available in pink gold, yellow gold or white gold, it is set with diamonds or chiselled or rose-cut pearls. Nowadays, it is most often offered in platinum material. There is also the cameo brooch which has long been considered a piece of jewelry for relatively old ladies. It has now become more popular and has found its place in all trendy wardrobes. It can be made of glass, shell or hard stone.

There art deco brooch is also part of this selection. This jewel was a real emblem at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It is designed with a precious metal such as white gold or platinum and features pearls or precious stones.

Finally, there is the pin brooch accompanied by an adornment. It is designed in the same style as a ring, necklace and earrings. This makes it possible to obtain a chic and sophisticated ensemble. At the end of the 19th century, it was customary to offer an adornment in precious metal and fine stones accompanied by a brooch. It is nowadays possible to fix the brooch on a jacket, a sweater, a suit, and even on a handbag or a satchel.

The brooch is therefore an excellent opportunity to be trendy without having to spend large sums: bet on your old family jewels!

The Daisy Ring

ocarat daisy ring

This oval or round jewel is composed of an entourage of diamonds and a sapphire in the center. It was created in the 18th century in honor of the famous Madame de Pompadour. This is also why this ring is also called the Pompadour ring.

It made its big comeback in the world of jewelery in the 1940s. However, it enjoyed particular success in 1981, when Prince Charles presented it to Princess Diana on the occasion of her marriage proposal. Romantic and classic, the Marguerite ring continues to seduce.

Ideal jewelry model to complete your country wedding outfit for example!

The charm bracelet

charm bracelet

Classic and elegant, the charm bracelet is a jewel embellished with symbolic gemstones and personal pendants. THE charms attached to the links of the bracelet are designed in different precious materials: gold, silver, platinum and precious stones.

The “you and me” ring

It is composed of a duo of pearls or precious stones gracefully intertwined. There is a kitten which surmounts the ring of the ornament and which accommodates the two stones or pearls. Very romantic, this jewel was offered by Napoleon Bonaparte to Joséphine de Beauharnais during their engagement.

Therefore, this ring is the engagement gift par excellence. It also symbolizes the union between two souls through two stones of equal size. These can also have different colors depending on your preferences.

What is the difference between costume jewelry and classic jewelry?

There are mainly two types of jewelry in the world of jewelry: classic jewelry and costume jewelry. Although the two are often confused, there are differences.

At the level of the base stone, classic jewelry has a very complex manufacturing process. They feature a gold or silver backing and gemstones like the sapphire, diamonds, rubies… However, costume jewelry is simpler to design and uses less expensive stones. These include zirconium, mother-of-pearl, glass, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, plastics… There is also a difference in terms of design. More often than not, classic jewelry is less extravagant than classic jewelry. But it’s not always the case.

Finally, costume jewelry is generally less expensive. Unlike classic models, they are not made in one piece, but in very many copies. It is still possible to find very expensive branded costume jewelry, more elaborate and with rare and unique patterns.

There is a wide variety of classic jewelry returned to fashion and can accompany different styles of clothing. We advise you to turn to renowned jewelry stores in order to find rare and high quality pieces.


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