Christmas sweaters for men: where does the trend come from?

Unless you live in a cave, the christmas sweater trend for men couldn’t escape you. In the corporate world, with friends or family on New Year’s Eve: the Christmas-themed sweater is everywhere. But where exactly does the trend come from ? How to get there without making a mistake? We tell you everything in this article right in the season!

A bit of history: before the Christmas sweater was the Christmas sweater

You suspect it, the Christmas jumper trend is not quite new. Before being the fashion we know today, the Christmas sweater was a very classic tradition: we knitted beautiful wool sweaters with patterns reminiscent of the end of year celebrations (reindeer, snowflakes, fir trees…) and we slipped them under the tree to give as gifts to our loved ones. Most often, it was the grandmothers who took care of knitting for all the children (greater or lesser) of the family. Although designed with a lot of love and nimble fingers, these sweaters had an ugly flaw: they did not at all correspond to the fashion of the time and, in fact, be worn only on Christmas Evethen be gently put away in the closet until the following year.

Then came the 80 years and their share of kitsch that we love so much: garish colors, gigantic patterns and very very thick wool. Especially comes the mass production of Christmas sweaters “grandmother style”. If those made by the ancestors had at least the interest of being handmade, those designed in the factory have much less charm and it is slowly but surely that the tradition of the Christmas sweater declines.

Canadian students vs. Bridget Jones: who revived the fashion for the Christmas sweater?

After spending many years in our drawers, the trendy christmas sweater, to shop here for example, finds its letters of nobility. He now has his place under the tree among the most stylish men’s sweaters or the trendiest male gifts.

But to whom do we owe it? On this point, it is difficult to decide. Two “events” can indeed be considered the golden highlight of the era of the men’s Christmas sweater: on the one hand Mark Darcy (aka Colin Firth) in Bridget Jones Diarywhich, in 2001, sports a superb specimen of christmas sweater with a big reindeer head on it ; on the other, two Canadian students who in 2002 launched the first ” ugly christmas sweater party (“Ugly Christmas sweater party” in good French). This is an important debate but which, unfortunately, seems destined to remain unresolved.

Christmas sweaters for men: where does the trend come from?

At any rate, the concept of the ironically worn Christmas sweater party is exported all over the world, and especially in companies that see it as a fun and original way to create links between employees. Good year, bad year, the now famous Christmas sweater for men is gaining ground and is reclaiming its place in the pantheon of outfits we love to wear for New Year’s Eve. The trend has grown so much in recent years that there is now a International Christmas Sweater DayDecember 21.

The Christmas sweater trend for men today

Good news for all those who love Christmas and XXL sweaters that keep you warm, today it is quite well seen to wear a Christmas sweater without it being ironic, and it is even frankly trendy. We give you a little update on the Christmas sweaters for men trends Right now.

Christmas sweaters for men: where does the trend come from?

The fun Christmas jumper: kitsch and christmasy

First option available to you: the fun Christmas jumper, the one we don’t choose for its elegance but because it’s funny and a bit kitschy. Difficult to wear in the office, we grant you, it will be perfect for any “Christmas” outing: Christmas market, walk in the snow, afternoon by the fire… The trick is to choose a Christmas pattern and colors, as well as a knitted material.

Christmas sweaters for men: where does the trend come from?

The classic Christmas jumper: wool and jacquard

Those nostalgic for our grandmothers’ sweaters will be delighted to find under the tree a “real” Christmas sweater, in wool that keeps you warm and with pretty jacquard patterns. Note: there are many models christmas pattern really stylish, which can be worn very well in winter for a casual look.

Christmas sweaters for men: where does the trend come from?

The revisited Christmas jumper: humor and pop culture

Those who want to combine tradition and modernity will find what they are looking for in the Christmas sweaters for men revisited in a pop culture version. There are indeed many models featuring contemporary characters and / or humorous quotes, less “Christmas spirit”, but still very fun.


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