Casual outfit, chic detail: choose THE centerpiece of your outfit

Casual outfit, chic detail: choose THE centerpiece of your outfit

At the moment, the casual style with chic and very fashionable details. Are you seduced by this style of dress? You want to adopt it, but you don’t know where to start? In truth, a smart casual outfit is guided by a centrepiece, accompanied by elegant accessories and associations between casual and stylish clothing. We help you find the centerpiece of your casual chic outfit, to be feminine and comfortable for any occasion.

How to have a casual and chic look?

The most fashionable style since 2020 and in 2021 for women? Casual chic that combines cool and comfortable clothes, with iconic, elegant and feminine pieces. It sounds like the perfect scenario: being attractive while looking good in your clothes, and it is possible! How adopt a casual chic look ? You must have timeless pieces in your wardrobe and know how to combine them with clothes and accessories to create a harmonious and elegant outfit. For example, to have a casual chic outfit, we prefer long coats made in beautiful fabrics, we steal a few unisex pieces, such as the white shirt, the cigarette pants, the blazer and the basic white or black T-shirt, and we add feminine details (pumps, jewelry, handbag…).

Have the essentials in your wardrobe

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The most important thing in your casual outfit with chic details is the centerpiece, the one that sets the tone and on which the other pieces are added. For this, it is essential to have essential clothes for a casual chic wardrobe. These clothes are pieces that can be combined with many outfits and that allow you to create multiple variations, to be elegant and cool in every situation. Here is 10 ideal pieces for a casual chic dressing room :

  • A long woolen coat in a neutral or checkered color
  • A quality trench coat
  • One or more cashmere sweaters
  • A black blazer
  • A little black dress
  • One or more dress pants
  • Jeans that flatter you
  • A sailor
  • A white or sky blue shirt
  • A timeless handbag

Choose a timeless and chic bag

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You can choose a timeless and elegant bag as the centerpiece of your outfits, it’s a very good idea! By choosing an iconic bag like for example a Saint Laurent bag, of good quality and elegant, you refine your style. Thus, you are always elegant, even with a pair of sneakers on your feet! If your budget allows it, you can turn to luxury bags, which are timeless and bring character to all outfits. But there are bags at lower prices, of quality and which are very classy! Choose beautiful materials, leather, suede, quilted effects or thick fabrics. Above all, do not neglect bag chain, which must be able to adapt to each of your outfits and all your styles. Avoid chains that are too fancy and favor a classic and chic chain.

How do you find the right centerpiece for an outfit?

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There centerpiece of an outfit is not always the same! With your wardrobe of essentials, you can change your centerpiece according to your desires and the weather! You can wear a long Prince of Wales coat one day, a pair of fashionable sneakers the next day, a chunky knit sweater the next day or a beautiful dress that flatters you… Not to mention your trusty handbag that makes every outfit chic and trendy! It’s up to you to choose the piece that sets the tone for your outfits, according to your own style and preferences. The fashion faux pas? Fantasies and flashy colors that do not suit a casual chic outfit.

Add chic accessories to a casual outfit

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A casual outfit without accessories can be bland, monotonous and masculine. To remain feminine and to enhance your style, we advise you to add some accessories that make the difference (without doing too much either)! For example, on a plain T-shirt, think about adding a nice necklace, discreet but elegant. If you wear a rather androgynous blazer, put small bracelets on your wrists. If your outfit allows it, put on pumps when you go out on the town, to stay feminine and elegant. Don’t forget tomatch your handbag to your clothesand in particular the chain of the bag, and draw your sunglasses as soon as you feel like it!

With casual-chic style, you can face all everyday situations: work, interview, shopping session, moments with friends, meeting with the in-laws and a little outing with your darling! It is a versatile style that highlights the dynamism and elegance of every woman.


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