Black Friday: stock up on trendy shoes!

Black Friday, also known as “Black Friday” takes place every year on the 4th Friday of November, although this year it will be postponed for the most part to December 04 due to the coronavirus crisis

It’sannual shopping event not to be missed for take advantage of exceptional discounts on a large number of items. Minus 50, minus 60, minus 70%, some brands even go so far as to offer unbeatable prices by offering 90%.

Ready-to-wear, technology, beauty, Black Friday invites itself on a very wide selection of items to the delight of consumers.

For us, it is above all the opportunity to finally be able to access the shoes of our dreams, those that have been eyeing us for a while but that we can’t always afford for lack of means. We explain why and how find a pair of trendy shoes during Black Friday.

Branded shoes at low prices

For what take advantage of Black Friday to buy shoes ?

A quality pair of shoes is often expensive. For a pair of suede waders, count between 120 and 150 euros in normal times. With the Black-Fridaythe pretty pair of waders you dreamed of putting on is now available at half price, or even more!

A godsend to brighten up our dressing room with one or more pairs of trendy shoes!

Shopping for Black Friday is also an opportunity to move upmarket by accessing quality shoes leather or suede. We have the little pairs of trendy shoes that last!!

Without forgetting the famous pairs of designer shoeswhich usually are almost untouchable in terms of budget, but we will finally be able to shopping at affordable prices!

black friday shoes

Shoes: which pair to buy during Black Friday?

After studying the long, wide and across the shoe trends 2020we are able to give you an overview of the it shoes not to be missed this year!

Sneakers, ankle boots, boots, Chelsea boots, vinyl boots, python or leopard pumps, we have spotted a lot of hot models on the Net, and for Black Friday the perfect shoes at up to 50% off in particular… But in reality what are the shoes we need this winter?

The Dad Shoes

We start with the Dad Shoes, the new generation basketball that is making headlines and that we find at the feet of all fashion influencers in recent seasons.

The Dad Shoes is the XXL sole trainerwhich offers a chic streetwear look, ultra trendy.

It can now be worn with all kinds of fashion pieces, from 7/8th jeans to babydoll dresses. The Dad Shoes, we love it, but we have to admit that it is not cheap.

And since it’s not the shoe you wear every day, you don’t necessarily want to put thousands and cents into it, do you?

During Black Fridayyou will be sure to find a pair of dad shoes ultra trendy, sometimes even Creatoraround 50€ instead of 170€.

black friday shoes

The wader

Same thing on the side of tall boots. We love them, they are stylish and incredibly feminine.

But to afford a pair of quality waders, it is better to pay the price. While on average we grant €150 for suede thigh high bootssome latest brands, will make us happy to offer them to us at less than 80€!

black friday shoes

The Chanel spirit slingback

If you are a fashion addict, you couldn’t miss the retro shoes trend : Slingback. This shoe with low heels and straps on the ankle goes with all the most chic looks of the moment.

So yes, it is already possible to find slingbacks at low prices the rest of the year, but if you want a two-tone slingback with the image of the famous original Coco Chanel pair, you will quickly realize that you have to pay at least 100€.

Once again, we dreamed of it, Black Friday will do it, these little “couture” nuggets will be available at reduced prices.


The pair of trendy moccasins of the moment is a quality shoe. In leather, with real gold or silver hooks, we wear them Fashion Week style with modern and trendy cuts to break the retro spirit of this shoe.

We hope to find quality loafers for less than €100 during Black Friday!

black friday shoes


With their retro style, the baby shoes take over our fashion looks to enhance our silhouettes with a vintage spirit. Let’s take advantage of Black Friday to get the pair of patent leather babies we’ve always wanted!

For the final word, remember that Black Friday is also an opportunity to complete our shoe dressing room by offering more original pairs and more trendy than in normal times. Or to decline our “favourite” model in a new print on which we would have fallen in love!

So we don’t hesitate to take a tour of the shoe trends 2020 before launching an attack on good shoe deal during the famous Black Friday !


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