Big XXL sweaters: choose them well and wear them well

We see them everywhere, big sweaters are on the front of the stage this winter. But how to get into the fashion of the oversized sweater without looking like a bag? We tell you all the secrets of the influencers who wear the XXL sweater in this article.

Which XXL sweaters to choose to be trendy?

So yes, the sweater is good, but not just any sweater. Here is the pieces to shop to be trendy in big sweaters this winter.

The big ribbed sweater

The very classic, the one our grandfather wore when we were children. We choose it clear preferably, ecru, pearl gray or pale pink for a little more originality. If you want to dare the color, opt for 80’s shadeswhich will give a nice touch of vintage to your look.

XXL twisted sweater

We are talking about sweater that looks hand knitted, the one we categorically refused to wear when we were younger. Today, we adore it: straight, crossed, mixed cables, in all directions, with thick wool and a stand-up collar to be on top.

The “fancy” knit

By “fantasy”, we mean stitches that are a little more original than ribbing or garter stitch: the Honeycomb (hyper trendy), the very wide knit that looks openwork

Chunky-knit cardigan

No frills, it counts as a big sweater. The vest is ultra comfy and aesthetic!

What to wear with an oversized sweater to stay glam?

The risk of the oversized sweater is obviously to look like a pretty potato. Clearly, to be glam in an XXL sweater, you will have to work a little on the rest of your look.

Bet on the association skirt-big sweater, you can’t go wrong. Special mention for sequined skirts (we love everything that glitters), pleated skirts, and velvet skirts and even leather.

XXL sweater how to wear itFor a trouser look, choose something that will show off your legs : slim, chino, high waisted suit… In short, something feminine.

XXL sweater how to wear itTo add glam to your outfit, nothing like beautiful accessories : a trendy bag, beautiful jewellery, sneakers on fleak… Be careful with the beanie, however, it could be too much wool all of a sudden.

How do you tuck it into your stocking in a stylish way?

You will not have missed it, Instagrammers around the world manage to tuck their maxi sweater nicely into their mini-skirt, all without creating false bulges. But the hell how do they do it? We tell you everything.

The “French tuck”

Trick which consists of tucking a small end of your sweater into your stockings. We do it on the front, just above the button (more or less in the middle, if you don’t have a button).

XXL sweater how to wear it

The belt trick

We let the illustration speak for itself, it will be easier for everyone.

Big XXL sweaters: choose them well and wear them well
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