A week of winter style | Planning vs winging it?

A week of winter style | Planning vs winging it?
Wintertime is one of the most popular times for fashion. Whether you like to plan your looks down to the last detail or wing it, there are plenty of ways to stay stylish all week long.

For the organized types who like to plan ahead, here are our top tips for making sure your wardrobe is on point all week long. Start by picking a theme for the week. Whether it’s dark and brooding all black looks or natural-toned winter whites, having a consistent colour palette and texture to play with allows for plenty of creativity in the week ahead. Once you’ve chosen a colour palette, adding seasonal pieces like oversized sweaters, faux fur coats, and leather boots will help you create an elevated but cosy look for your work or leisure. Accessorizing is also key; think gold earrings, sophisticated bags, and delicate necklaces to make a style statement without having to put too much effort in. Colour-coordinated scarves, hats, and gloves are also a great way to show your personality in the winter.

For those of us who prefer to go with the flow, wining it can also be a stylish affair. Firstly, embrace layering. Mixing different pieces – think jeans, hoodies, sweaters, and coats – is a great way to stay warm and look good at the same time. If you’re feeling a bit daring, why not experiment with colour blocking and bold prints? Even something as simple as throwing on a bright colour statement coat over a basic outfit can make a huge difference in your style game. Accessories like sunglasses, slide-on loafers, and dainty jewellery can help to top off your everyday look.

Whichever way you lean, a week of winter style can be highly enjoyable, and can be the perfect way to express your unique fashion sense while staying warm all winter long.


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