9 earring trends for back to school

9 earring trends for back to school

It’s not just our fashion pieces that take on new life every year. Fashion accessories, too, are on the front line to stylize our looks. Among our favorite accessories, earrings! From the minimalist and refined pair to the oversized earrings, passing by the pendants or the colorful fancy earrings, we will have plenty to brighten up our jewelry box for the start of the school year. What are the must-follow earring trends? We take stock.

The fancy creole

Ultra eighties, the fancy creole is one of the favorite jewels of the season. Still all tanned by our sun treatment this summer, we will be adorned with a very sophisticated gold or silver touch with our ear hoops! Ideal for showcasing an elegant look for going to work, they mark a pronounced taste for style. hype 80s!

Mini hoops

hoop earrings

If the oversize is still well in place in the Creole trends, we also see the arrival of the mini creole for the start of the school year. In terms of style, we take the same ones and start over. Leopard, gold links, twisted hoop earrings, pearly beads, double hoops on each side, the minis are just as pretty as the maxis but even easier to wear!

The dangling earrings

trendy back to school earrings

While Creole has largely imposed itself in recent seasons, the dangling earring and its sophisticated style are back on the fashion scene. In an infinite variety of sparkling, fancy, minimalist or colorful pairs, we discover dangling earrings full of personality. Some are oversized for an ever more vintage and dressy style, others are very original with atypical patterns, there’s really something to have fun and find the pair that goes with your look without batting an eyelid! Personally, we recommend the pendants with an amazonite stone on a golden base or the golden pendants of several intertwined links. Ultra stylish to wear, they are both vintage and elegant, but in addition they give a perfect radiant complexion to our skins, all still golden from the sun.

heart earrings

heart earrings

Love is everywhere with the heart pattern earrings. In single pendants or multi-heart pendants in gold, silver or colored versions, heart earrings dress our ears with a romantic and feminine touch.

Ear cuff jewelry

earcuff cuff ears

If you like sexy Viking or Greek Goddess style, you will have a blast with this the ear cuff trend that is landing on the fashion world. Pierced ears or not, everyone is adopting ear cuffs this year. There will be something for everyone ! From the flower ear cuff that hugs the ear finely and discreetly to the asymmetrical pair that looks like a beautiful set of earrings, every woman will find her favorite pair.

Ear cuff connected, with rhinestones, with heart, in the form of a bar which crosses the ear, in pendants, hundreds of models are proposed to us to sharpen our looks.

Mismatched models

trendy earrings

A crescent moon and a creole on the other side, a mega stylish ear cuff clearly visible and a mini round buckle, there are as many possible combinations as there are models available in our favorite jewelry stores. More than ever, it’s time to assert your style with beautiful mismatched earrings!


stacking ears

The accumulation of jewelry is also worn on the ears. In adornment, in several clip earrings or in a refined version with small simple rings that follow the shape of the ears, we adopt stacking to feminize our style. Again, you can choose to personalize or fall for a set that is already ready to wear.

Fancy earrings

baroque fantasy earrings

While pairs of elegant earrings have been widely available on the shelves for several seasons, the trend for a “lighter” style is making a strong comeback at the start of the school year. We thus see pretty fancy pairs being offered to us to color our looks. Little flowers, moon, sun, fruits, smileys, everyone finds the pattern that speaks to them to put a little fun and freshness in her looks.

Oversized pendants

large maxi snake dangling earrings

For those looking for very dressy earrings, we love the princely jewelry trend. In Cleopatra mode or modern day goddesswe dare oversized pendant adorned with a precious stone. The crystal chandelier style on the ears is more relevant than ever, so go for it! On a ball gown or a beautiful sophisticated dress, they act as a stylish accessory and are enough to set the tone for our entire look!

And you, what are the pretty pairs of trendy earrings that you have already spotted for the start of the school year?


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