8 women’s swimwear trends for this season

Summer is approaching and you are looking for the swimsuit that will show you off, at the beach or at the pool. here are the swimwear trends of the seasonto play naiads at the edge of the water!

Which two-piece swimsuit is trending this season?

For those who prefer two-piece swimsuits, certain trends stand out this season. Whether in terms of colors or shapes, you will inevitably find the ideal swimsuit for sunbathing this summer.

High-cut panties and bandeau top

Back to the 1950s with the high-waisted swimsuit. Well cut on the sides, the high briefs adapt perfectly to all body types. Ideal if you want to hide a small belly. The trendiest models are those that arrive above the navel.

THE bandeau bikini top also returns this year. With or without straps, it is recommended for women with medium-sized breasts, which hold well in place without boning. For colors, the blue and yellow are in fashion. Do not hesitate to take a mismatched pattern, to dare colors and patterns. Flowers are still very trendy this year.

Two pieces with graphic patterns

zebra swimsuit

Whatever shape you choose, know that graphic patterns are in fashion. Choose a model with:

  • animal motifs
  • Mandalas
  • geometric shapes
  • Tie and diy prints

If you decide to buy a woman’s swimsuit online, be aware that certain patterns can accentuate the shapes, if you have a small chest it can be ideal, to create an optical effect, if you are round, take the time to try it on at home.

crochet bikini

crochet bikini

The material for this summer is definitely crochet. This type of swimsuit is very chic and brings an elegant side to the woman who wears it. It is better to opt for a model with little fabric, because the hook is thick. This is why it is better to choose a triangle model and a small thong with strings. Crochet, we will choose a beige or white color, very natural, to be in the trend.

One-piece swimsuits trending this season

For those who prefer one piece swimsuits, you will also find superb models, at the forefront of fashion this season. In recent years, the one-piece swimsuit has returned to our wardrobes and this year, the trend is for originality.

An asymmetrical piece

asymmetric one piece swimsuit

A single strap, an original cutout, holes on the hips or on the stomach, the swimsuit asymmetric is, without a doubt, the big trend of the year. Choose it with various colors, such as pink and red, which combine very well. You can also vary the materials, with a transparent part, another in fishnet, etc.

Swimsuit with large neckline

high neckline one piece swimsuit

The neckline in the back and up to the navel is very trendy on a one-piece swimsuit. You don’t need to have a small chest to wear this kind of swimsuit, some models exist with underwire, to support any type of chest. For this model, the neon colors are perfect. They bring a touch of originality to a relatively simple model.

Ruffled swimsuit

ruffled swimsuit

Ruffles have been making their way into swimsuits for two seasons, but are still popular this year. Ruffles can be at the shoulders, waist, or hips, so it’s ideal for diverting attention from a part of the body that you want to camouflage. As this style is akin to bohemian chic, it is advisable to choose it with pastel colors, blue, pink and white.

Accessories and glamorous touch to be trendy in swimsuits

A swimsuit is like an outfit, you have to accessorize it and dare to be original. To do this, here are some small ideas that will make you unique at the water’s edge.

The swimsuit jewel

swimsuit jewelry

This season, the bikini or one-piece swimsuit goes well with jewelry. The big trend is the chain around the navel, which is perfect if you have a marked waist. Long necklaces and chains around the neck are also recommended, as well as creoles. Some swimsuits are even sold with chains integrated into the waistband or straps.

Lamé and/or sequins!

silver one piece swimsuit

The glitter swimsuit, whether one or two pieces, is ideal for being at the forefront of style this summer. There are gold and silver models, for a throwback to the disco years, but you can find more sober ones, in blue and even black, for the glamorous touch.

Know that the sequins do not get bigger, only the shape of the jersey matters, of course choose a model that suits your morphology.


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