8 trendy wedding hairstyles to suggest to your hairdresser!

8 trendy wedding hairstyles to suggest to your hairdresser!

It’s not just the wedding dress that is a headache to find the one that will illuminate our wedding day. The hairstyle is one too. And to be the most beautiful on D-Day, it is better to choose a trendy wedding hairstyle and in perfect harmony with the chosen dress.

Here is 8 trendy wedding hairstyles this season. The chance to get inspired for the most important day of your life before you go at the hairdresser.

The braided bun, a safe bet

Essential for weddings, the bun has however long been left aside lately. This year, it comes back stronger than ever, but in a modernized way: with a braid, to bring a more worked and more elegant look.

It can be worn high (with the neck exposed) or low (at the level of the neck) depending on the dress. Sometimes straight, sometimes curly, depending on your hair type.

We will favor the high bun for “princess” dresses and low for civil dresses.

The braid: the bohemian look we love

braid wedding hairstyle

Braids are in fashion for this 2023 season, and especially for D-Day.

Giving you a spring and bohemian lookthe braid, generally accompanied by accessories that complete the worked structure of the headdress, can be placed on the side or at the back, starting at the level of the neck or on the top of the skull.

bohemian braid wedding hairstyle

With a few strands falling over the face, this braided wedding hairstyle brings out the beauty of the bride, her makeup and her zest for life. Although it seems easy to achieve, it is quite complex, do not hesitate to approach a specialized wedding hairdresser, which you can find on Beautyplanet for example.

Hair down with flower crown

Hair down with flower crown

Always in a hippie and bohemian style, letting go of your hair entirely on your wedding day is more and more trendy.

Adorned with a magnificent crown of flowers, her hair let loose accompanied by a few loops at the ends or a wavy brushing produces an elegant, chic and classy look on the wedding day.

We will avoid straightening the hair and we will favor a sheath dress, mermaid or a fluid dress with this kind of hairstyle. Thanks to a flower crown, you no longer need jewelry with your wedding dress!

The barrette slid to the side

wedding hairstyles long hair barrettes

Essential accessory on a bridal hairstyle, the barrette can be affixed in different ways. But it is on the side of the scalp, loose and slightly curly hair, that it is the most trendy. She brings a romantic and elegant look to the bride, which are perfect symbols for a wedding.

Hairstyle with curly ponytail

Hairstyle with curly ponytail

The ponytail, high or low, gaining momentum among brides. Preferably curly and letting out a glamorous side, this wedding hairstyle goes perfectly with “doe” makeup (especially if the hair is pulled up) and a sheath or princess dress.

The low ponytail brings a relaxed and natural style. Accompany it with a tiara or a barrette set with diamonds to further dress up the hairstyle.

Chignon in the disheveled style

Even if it is still in fashion, the pulled and tight bun is giving way more and more to the “disheveled” style. This styled/messy bun brings a more natural and less severe lookmuch more sought after these days for D-Day.

This kind of disheveled bun also brings out a wild and rustic side. It can be easily associated with a bohemian dress, trumpet or mermaid.

The half-tail: adapts to all looks

half ponytail wedding hairstyle

Ideal hairstyle for the bride, it remains a safe bet, with the bun, for many years. The half-tail is always talked about and is always so much to adopt on the wedding day.

Smoothed or curled, it brings a princely look and harmonizes as much with a princess dress as with a hippie dress (with a slight disheveled effect for this type of dress). And to bring even more glitter, tie the half-tail with a shiny accessory.

Brilliant accessories always on trend

wedding tiara

Colorful, shiny, diamond or beaded, wedding accessories are always trendy over the decades on the hairstyles of brides.

They can take the form tiara, barrette, headband, comb or jewelthey will always give a classy and glamorous look to your cut and your outfit.

Choose the one that will go best with your dress. For example, a tiara for a more discreet dress (avoid tiaras with a prom dress, too cliché), a comb for a meringue dress or a headband with a mermaid dress.


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