8 looks in a chic and glamorous evening dress

8 looks in a chic and glamorous evening dress

Are you looking for the evening dress to make a splash? Discover 8 perfect dresses, whose cut and style will make you the Muse of the evening!

Whether you are looking for understated elegance or the dress that catches all eyes, we have selected for you the prettiest models of chic and glamorous evening dresses to shine with a thousand lights!

Evening look in a satin dress

Height of beauty and glamor, I quote the satin dress! Deliciously elegant, it offers an undeniable class with its refined material. We choose it in a cut that suits its morphology, in a satin shirt dress, in a satin slip dress with a split leg if you want a remarkable arrival or in a little satin dress with simple and chic thin straps. At the feet, we dress it in thin strap sandaland don’t forget to take care of your hairstyle to perfect your look as a sophisticated woman in the evening.

The sparkling evening dress

glitter evening dress

Strapless dress, little mini dress, sheath dress, almost all the little dresses have their sequin version. A shiny little dress is incredibly trendy and retro at the same time. Remember the fashion of glitter in the 80s ! This year, the sequins, sequins and disco ball dresses are back. Only thing that changes: we adopt them in slightly wiser versions so as not to shock the assembly.

The red dress: the chic and glamorous evening dress par excellence!

chic and glamorous red evening dress

If you are looking for the most flamboyant evening dress for your festive events, red is the color for you! Symbol of audacity, passion and femininity. Also, if you want a glamorous evening dress, it is a choice that must be dared. Of course, with a color as noticeable as red, it will be necessary to select a sophisticated cut. For example, you can choose a sumptuous red cocktail dress skater, a long dress or an empire dress.

Side slit evening dress: chic and sensual

slit evening dress

Nothing more glamorous than the slit dress, right? This is THE sophisticated dress par excellence, the one that gives you a sharp and slender silhouette. Sensual and sexy, it reveals part of your tanned leg when you move.

We choose it plain in a rather neutral tone to stay in class and in sobriety. Besides, a chic and glamorous evening dress with long sleeves can help you more easily accept the split leg effect if you are afraid of not being comfortable. Obviously, it is associated with heels, as for all the glamorous dresses that we have just mentioned.

The slinky black dress

bodycon evening dress

The black dress is a must have that you can’t do without and especially not when it comes to waking up the red carpet star in us.

in version fitted dress with an open back or with an asymmetrical sleevewhat matters is to opt for an elegant cut that combines simplicity and modernity.

Personally, we advise you to choose it in midi or long cut for more elegance but to take it with a detail that makes the difference. It can be a cut below the chest, transparency at the collar, it’s up to you to see what you prefer…

The wrap dress

wrap evening dress

Long or short, the wrap dress (also called wrap dress) is a cocktail dress that suits everyone. It can be in silk embellished with small romantic ruffles with an airy cut. It is especially on its color that it is necessary to stop.

For a chic evening, we will obviously go for a neutral, elegant dress, such as a white dress, black dress or red dress if you dare, height of glam attitude.

lace evening dress

chic and glamorous lace evening dress

Lace and parties always go hand in hand! Lace, like silk, is one of those materials that highlights all our softness and femininity. Black, white, powder pink, the chic lace evening dress is now available in several cuts of long or short dresses with more or less openwork. You will therefore have no trouble finding the one you need for your evening. Moreover, note that the navy blue lace dress is very elegant and perfectly suited for a prom or evening dress.

Gathered-shoulder dress with puffed sleeves

white evening dress puffy sleeves

100% retro but so elegant, this style of dress eighties is perfect for going to a glam and glittery party. In a short version of course, we adopt it with confidence whether it is black or colored. You can even choose it in a flowery version and highlight it with beautiful golden XXL jewelry. to surf the fashion of the 80s.


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