7 beautiful common gift ideas for newlyweds

Here comes a dreaded moment on the part of the guests and the bride and groom: the wedding gifts. From the point of view of the bride and groom, it is not easy to compile a wedding list, to ask for financial participation in a project or to make it clear that they do not need a fifth toaster or dozens of flower pots in indefinable colors. On the side of the guests, the anxiety is palpable: the objective is to choose a present that pleases, that is useful or original, and that does not spend its life in the back of a cupboard… One solution: joint wedding gift. In this way, the guests can group together and offer a more expensive gift while being sure to please.
Here are our 7 common gift ideas for newlyweds.

Offer an unforgettable trip to the newlyweds

From now on, the traditional wedding gift can take various forms. If the newlyweds bring up the idea of ​​a trip or if they are already seasoned explorers, why not get together and offer a superb trip to the end of the world (or closer)? There is little chance that this gift will be a flop! Obviously, it will be necessary to ensure beforehand that they are in possession of the furniture and objects essential to their life together, this is certainly the most important thing before leaving for Bali, Tokyo or Santiago. If they are already installed and well equipped, the trip is the most breathtaking gift you can give them.

Bedding: a useful and aesthetic wedding gift

newlywed couple in bed

If you prefer to bet on a useful gift, which lasts for many years and remains in the sphere of their life as a couple, you can offer bedding elements. The bed, in fact, is the privileged and intimate space of the couple. The bedding pieces for the newlyweds must be chosen with care and match the decoration and the personality of the two lovers. You can them offer a mattress, box spring, bed frameetc.
Our advice? Prioritize quality materials, such as Tediber bedding, even if it means buying products that are a bit expensive (in any case, you are several participants), but which are durable, aesthetic and responsible. A good bed is quite expensive, and the newlyweds will be grateful for this gesture and your beautiful idea.

Chic table or kitchen accessories

table or kitchen accessories

Rather than bringing back pieces of crockery from one with the cutlery of the other, the newlyweds have every interest in receiving a beautiful cutlery set and a coordinated service as a wedding gift! You can join together to offer a full service or a breakfast service, a housekeeper, etc.. Luxury table accessories are expensive, but they are very beautiful pieces that will keep for many years, if not a lifetime! Pay attention to the style of decoration of the newlyweds and their tastes (materials, colors, etc.). It would be a shame if they didn’t use them! You can also offer a fridge, oven with multiple features, or various kitchen accessories, making sure they don’t already have them.

Bedding accessories for the comfort of newlyweds

bedding accessories

Back to the bedroom side. Like table or kitchen accessories, bedding accessories are generally popular with newlyweds who are not quite settled. We advise you to offer beautiful bed sets, comfortable and quality pillows (and/or a bolster), a chest to place at the end of the bed to store laundry, or a warm, cozy and quality duvet. If you offer them several items at once, don’t forget to combine the colors and always stay in the same style of decoration (which appeals to the newlyweds). You can bet on neutral and light colorsfor example, to avoid missteps.

Offer a romantic weekend or a specific theme

romantic weekend

If the newlyweds are already well equipped at home, you can give preference to entertaining wedding gifts. If you don’t have the budget, even as a group, to take them on a trip to a foreign country, or if you want them to rediscover France, you can opt for a romantic weekend or a specific theme. There are all kinds, already prepared or that you can organize yourself. Sports, oenological, unusual weekends, SPA, well-being, gourmet, adventures, golf, horse riding… You will certainly find a theme that appeals to the newlyweds to give them an original wedding gift together!

Share a sofa or living room furniture

young couple on their couch

Newlyweds already own a bed they bought recently? You can turn to another room: the living room. If they have a mismatched living room, with furniture that doesn’t coordinate or furniture that is starting to age (that they got from their parents, for example), giving them a living room or a sofa is a great idea! We advise you tobuy a quality sofa (with or without its armchairs), made of a beautiful material (leather, fabric, etc.), avoiding too common brands and offering low-end products. The objective is all the same to offer them a piece of furniture that they cannot necessarily buy (or by making sacrifices) and which will last a long time!

A luxurious object as a wedding gift

If the bride and groom like design, decoration and luxury items, you can get together (between colleagues, family, friends, etc.) to offer them a luxury item. Which ? Choose an object that would make them really happy, related to their centers of interest or that they have wanted to own for a long time. If they have the soul of collectors, they may be vintage posters; whether they are apprentice decorators, a luxury design object (vase, chairs, armchairs, tables, etc.) or custom-made furniture; whether they are luxury enthusiasts, pieces from the big luxury houses, etc. It’s up to you to play Sherlock Holmes and find the chic and luxurious object that will please them the most.

With those beautiful joint gift ideas for newlyweds, you can no longer say that you don’t know what to give them! Whatever you choose, don’t forget to check whether the gift matches the style, personality or interior decoration of the newlyweds.


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