7 activities to bring young and old together for a wedding

7 activities to bring young and old together for a wedding

Notice to future bride and groom! Are you preparing for the wedding and are you starting to think about the proposed entertainment? These contribute fully to put a good atmosphere in the marriage and to give rhythm to the latter. However, in your quest for wedding entertainment, don’t forget to take into account all the ages of your guests. From children to adults, we must not forget anyone. Here are 7 wedding activities that bring guests of all ages together!

The photobooth

The wedding photobooth is in pole position in the list of favorite wedding entertainment for the French. It must be said that with the photobooth, everyone can pose without great difficulty. Grandparents, adults, teenagers, young children, everyone is happy to have their picture taken! For you, as for your guests, this is an opportunity to have beautiful memories of the event to keep.

The principle of wedding photobooth rental? Rent a high-end terminal that offers unlimited outlets for guests. Generally, this wedding entertainment is installed in an area reserved for the activity, at the place of reception. She is decorated with a wedding theme and playful accessories are offered to the guests to take funny photos.

Once the wedding is over, take pleasure in discovering the pictures! You will probably be surprised by the number of souvenir photos you will be able to keep. AT you the beautiful wedding album with all your guests, family and friends gathered to pose!

The fingerprint tree

Do you dream of being able to keep a souvenir of all your guests present on the wedding day? Here is the perfect animation! The footprint tree is a huge web on which each of the guests must leave their fingerprints. It all comes ultimately form a tree, symbol of your uniqueness! Besides the symbolic image, this wedding animation is perfect to reconcile all ages. No one is reluctant to leave their mark! On the contrary, young and old will be delighted to indulge in this activity.

The game of commonalities

wedding game

The game of commonalities offers an opportunity for guests to get to know each other. It consists of creating a list of points in common with certain guests.

Lists with figures representing each common point are then distributed to the guests, without being revealed to the bride and groom!

During the animation, a person takes care of calling each number in front of the spouses and they must find what is the common point of all the people who have stood up. Not only is it fun, but it is unifying and intergenerational!

Find your partner

grandma granddaughter wedding

In a somewhat similar style, this fun wedding animation will allow your guests to exchange. The principle is simple, pairs of famous couples are formed. Each of the guests is given a piece of paper on which their character is written. He must then find his other half. For this, no need to make physical efforts, just engage in conversation with other guests! Everyone is willing and willingly lends itself to the game to find his other half. Tic and Tac, Bonnie and Clyde, Chouchou and Loulou from a Guy to a Girl, simply offer duets that appeal to all generations of guests!

The blind test by table

wedding orchestra

Everyone loves the blind test, it is a fact. For your guests to have fun participating and trying to guess, you just have to motivate them. A small gift to the key will do the trick!

Simple to organize, this animation only requires installing small bells or buzzers on the tables. It is also necessary to prepare a playlist of music with old titles, film music titles, cartoon titles, etc.

The wedding quiz

Again, it is possible to involve all the guests. The quiz should simply incorporate questions where several people are likely to find the correct answer. With the help of an animator or a person in charge of the animation, it will be enough to ask the questions to the assembly. This amusing animation is often very well accepted by the guests, who take great pleasure in showing their knowledge of the wedding couple. Even children can try their luck!

The magician who goes around the tables

wedding magician

If children are the first to be intrigued by magic, most adults are also curious. Suggesting magic tricks to your guests is a bit like putting stardust in their eyes. At all ages, everyone will be captivated by the talents of your service provider!


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