6 trendy looks in down jackets for this winter

6 trendy looks in down jackets for this winter

You will no doubt have noticed that the women’s down jacket is a must-have this year! In XXL version, quilted, colorful, it is on the short list of essential pieces to upgrade our looks this winter. Although it was long neglected for its casual spirit, it is now well established in the looks considered fashionable (thanks to the fashion designers who were able to restore its image).

How to adopt the down jacket as a trendy fashion piece? With what to wear it to give it the worthy place it deserves? Here are some look inspirations to shine with elegance with the down jacket this winter!

The total black look

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Opting for a black puffer jacket and wearing it with an all-black outfit is choosing subtlety! Admittedly, there is nothing complicated or original about it, but it is extremely sophisticated.

For the look to work, nothing should be colored. Black leather ankle boots or high black boots, just put on your favorite black pants (or failing that, dark gray skinny jeans). At the top, opt for a black knit and a maxi quilted down jacket that is neither too long nor too short. All you have to do is carry your favorite black handbag to punctuate the outfit with a beautiful femininity.

So that the look is trendy, dare to play on the volumes with a gap between the maxi cut of the down jacket and rather fitted pants. Exit wide jeans or suit pants, make way for slim cuts that slim the legs. All in finesse, you will obtain a fussy look that is ultra simple to create!

Satin down jacket and trendy jeans

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As a second look inspiration, opt for the black satin down jacket. Like the Moncler women’s down jacket, choose a down-padded model with a short cut. Wear it with high-waisted jeans that have style, such as flare jeans for example, a bootcut jeans, wideleg or mom jeans.

To contrast the volumes with your thick and voluminous down jacket, prefer a tight top like a simple black turtleneck.

At the feet, put on your snake print cowboy boots or sneakers that really have character to personalize everything.

Maxi quilted beige down jacket and minimalist look

maxi beige down jacket
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If black is easy to wear, nothing equals the elegance and purity of a short XXL beige down jacket. Affixed to jeans and a beige knit, it allows you to create very pretty, refined and subtle looks.

Down jacket and hoodie

If you like streetwear inspired looks, you will be able to have fun with this trendy look proposal. Do not be afraid of the voluminous side! The XXL down jacket as we wear it this year gives itself the right and the freedom to be worn on thick hoodies. Oversize is more relevant than ever, so it’s time to take advantage of it and slip into thick layers of warm and cozy clothes! Of course, in order not to get lost in the urban street spirit of this look, surf the nineties wave. Wear jeans (not too wide), dare trendy vintage sneakers and don’t forget to feminize the look with accessories (chic glasses, refined handbag, streetwear hat).

Long quilted down jacket

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Here you have to have a very assertive fashion look to be able to adopt the long down jacket without denoting. Indeed, badly accessorized, this cut of down jacket can quickly give you the old-fashioned look that you would have done without! However, if you manage to match it well, you will conversely enter the court of fashionistas who can wear anything.

To begin with, since you assume the long down jacket, you might as well choose it in color rather than hiding under black. Bet on a beige or a camel to still keep neutrality. Keep in mind that it will have to be worn open and not closed (at the risk of appearing swaddled).

To stylize your outfit, bet above all on trendy shoes and a few accessories such as a hat or cap. You can even do a little color booster between the shoes and the sweater if you’re comfortable with the exercise. Then, opt for jeans and a sweatshirt, a sportswear set or skinny jeans and a knit. Forget risky associations with skirts or dresses on this kind of long down jacket. Although a maxi dress can totally go with it, it is better to stick to things that are easy to master.

Colorful down jacket

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Do you dream of a colorful down jacket and a unique look? Dare the red, fuchsia pink or purple down jacket! Transformed into the centerpiece of your look, the down jacket immediately becomes a must in your style. It’s simple, you will almost only see it if you accessorize it well with neutral colors. As long as you do, put the package, with a ultra XXL domed and quilted model. On the other hand, forget the long down jacket option with a too pronounced color.


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