6 trendy looks in ankle boots for women

6 trendy looks in ankle boots for women

The weather is erratic, temperatures are getting colder and it’s time to hit the shops to update your wardrobe. The ankle boot is the essential shoe of this season. Comfortable, elegant, extravagant, there is something for everyone as long as the looks are well matched. The new trends take height thanks to clearly audacious soles and heels. They also dare to use forgotten materials. We present to you our 6 favorite looks in ankle boots.

The timeless rock style

Every fall, it comes back in force accompanied by its perfecto, its faded jeans or its tight mini-skirt. Well assumed, the rock look remains perfectly trendy and you will have enough to perfect it with the boots from the new collections. THE very wedged notched soles or lace-up biker shoes with block heels stand out with sparkling details: chains, visible zip, etc.

notched ankle boots

If you prefer a less flashy look, you can wear wedge leather ankle boots for women with a colorful pleated long skirt. All associated with a white cotton t-shirt flocked with a shocking message. The set will have just enough provocation.

The ultra feminine chic

chic ankle boots beige leather stiletto heel

For people who missed the tapered and very feminine models, you will have something to satisfy you this year. Stiletto ankle boots are back and for those who have forgotten how to walk with them, you can always opt for vertiginous georgette heels. Without forgetting that the devil is in the details so dare the bi-material (smooth leather and crocodile or snake skin effect, for example).

Of course, the foot must be clear, therefore these boots will be worn with a fitted dress that does not exceed the knee so as not to pack you down. With a 7/8 tailored trousers or tapered jeans, the elegance of your fine ankle boots is enhanced by the fluidity of your blouse. A perfect look for the office or an outing with colleagues.

Sixties-style playfulness

Sixties white boots

Fans of the 60’s find vintage models that we had not seen for a long time. The white patent vinyl ankle boot made iconic by Courrèges is in all the shop windows this season. You can of course make a full callback to that era with a super colorful A-line mini dress. What to be noticed during an outing in town.

For a retro chic touch, you will choose less high and less shiny white ankle boots and can wear them with dark jeans or a long sweater dress. In total black and white or with bright and well-supported colors, the white ankle boot can only be highlighted by a person who does not do in-between. Bring out the Twiggy in you!

Colorful 70s style

gold green boots

Who says 70s, says colorful shoes. Boots are no exception to the rule. THE naplak is also available in other very tangy colors such as orange or apple green. This style of higher ankle boots in soft leather goes perfectly under flared pants in neutral colors. Block heels let you feel comfortable to roam the city and make your legs immensely long.

For a throwback to the 70s, you will wear a blouse that recalls the dynamic colors of your boots. If you prefer more sobriety, you will choose the black vinyl leather shoes, less conspicuous but just as charismatic. Thus, you will bring a simple touch of originality to an office outfit.

The 90s go for low boots

90s spice girls wedge ankle boots

The 90s are still here and are getting into ankle boots too. With high-waisted pants and a crop-top, you’ll opt for very thick wedge soles and low-rise boots. In matte or patent leather, depending on whether they are worn during the day or in the evening, your shoes must be impressive.

Higher wedge ankle boots in soft black leather are also worn in the office with chic suits. Shorts with darts at the bottom, suit jacket at the top, all matching in a neutral (beige) or floral (parma, water green) color, you are in top fashion to go to work and you feel comfortable for any the day.

Shift boots in “sportswear” mode

jogging ankle boots stiletto heels
through Pinterest

The sportswear style has been coming to town for a few years and for this season, it’s adopting ankle boots. No question of choosing shoes that do not emphasize the shift: you wear your jogging pants, slightly raised, with beautiful stilettos or Georgettes. By choosing bi-material suede or naplak ankle boots, you are nodding to the flagship shoe of sportswear: sneakers.

If you find the whole thing too eccentric, an all-black outfit will be perfect. Fantasy in the forms and in the association is already enough to make a studied style. You can still dare a thick golden chain that you will match with large hoops, a chain necklace and jump rings. Something to shine in a trendy way while remaining elegant.


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