6 summer jewelry trends

On vacation or on the terrace after work, we always want to be on top of the trend in summer. It’s the time of year when we want to refresh your wardrobe, but also to dare jewelry that we might not allow ourselves to wear the rest of the time. Here are 6 summer jewelry trends to be all the rage under the sun.

Flowers for the summer

Always cheerful and colorful, the floral pattern stands out from the clothes to run on our jewelry. Engraved on a metal bracelet or ring, in the shape of a pearl suspended from hoops or dried in a subtle pendant, the flower invites itself everywhere. The trend is more for small discreet buttons.

Fine floral jewelry go very well with clothes made of light and fluid materials. Prefer light and pastel colors, plain fabrics to avoid overloading. For a nymph look, you can opt for a beautiful white swimsuit, with bracelets set with small flowers on your arms. Hair clips bearing leather or fabric flowers also go well with a bohemian ensemble.

Pearls and natural stones

natural stone summer jewelry

During the day, under the heat of the sun, we often feel the need to wear natural materials. The star of this summer’s jewelry is the Heishi pearl. It is a flat and colored pearl which comes to us from Mexico. It supports sunbathing and swimming afternoons very well since it is resistant to salt. As a bracelet, necklace or earrings, it always looks good. Also be aware that the natural stones continue to be appreciated as much for the softness of their colors as for their properties.

Very easy to wear, these jewels go with all summer outfits as well as with other more marked jewels. However, you can get a unique piece by choosing to make your jewelry yourself. Pearls and stones are easily found in stores.

Oversize and flashy

pop look

You thought your huge canary yellow pendant would never come out of your jewelry box, you were wrong. Fashion is an eternal restart and you are right to treasure the pieces that you have enjoyed wearing. This year, the XXL stands out in earrings, necklace, but especially for rings. As the size is not everything, the colors of the adornments are bright and the materials shifted (plastic, plexiglass and epoxy)

If you want to adopt them for the day, you can play the full style pop : flashy plain dress, high-heeled shoes, patent handbag. The acid colors are ideal for an afternoon by the pool. For an evening, we recommend dark and fitted clothes: tight black dress, crop top matched with pleated pants or straight cut so that these strong pieces stand out without appearing to be too much.

Ethical and responsible luxury jewelry

natural summer jewelry

For those who value adornments that last and swear only by precious materials, you may be sensitive to the manufacturing conditions of your new acquisitions. Indeed, precious stones often come from emerging countries in which their exploitation not only creates armed conflicts, but also contributes to land pollution. It’s time to favor jewelers who care about the origin of the materials they use for their creations.

For elegant and timeless jewelry, you should rather choose classic gold jewelry with rounded shapes. Do not shy away from semi-precious stones which allow you to bring touches of various colors and which modernize the rooms. They go perfectly with summer outfits.

A queen’s port

fashion woman tiara

You’ve always dreamed of being a princess, it’s this summer or never. The tiara is no longer the prerogative of pretenders to the throne or brides. Right now you can afford it under any circumstances. It is still more appropriate to choose a discreet one for the day so that it does not dazzle the crowd. For the evenings, you can be more daring.

On a bun hairstyle, you accentuate the princely look while with a ponytail, you create an original and modern contrast. We advise you to avoid wearing the tiara with a sparkling outfit, except for a fancy dress party or official gala: you could be accused of doing too much.

Adorn on all sides

bikini chain

You have barely taken the step of the ankle bracelet last year that you are invited to adorn other parts of your body with jewelry. We are no longer satisfied with ears, wrists and neck: the belly chain and the crystal bra are getting noticed thanks to the influencers.

While the belly chain is easily worn with a bikini or crop top in the middle of the day, it’s best to save your showy bra for the evening. To stay elegant, we advise you to associate it with flowing or darted trousers.


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