6 spring outfit ideas with jeans

6 spring outfit ideas with jeans

Want to wear the latest fashionable jeans for this spring? The arrival of sunny days is always the ideal time to renew your wardrobe and to invest in the latest trendy pieces. In spring, jeans are in the spotlight ! Here are 6 outfits with the most prominent jeans models: wide low-rise jeans, straight jeans, flare jeans, patchwork jeans, split jeans and white jeans.

Low rise jeans with a cardigan

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That’s it, low-rise jeans have come back to the fore. For several years, it had been banned from our closets and was impossible to find in clothing stores. Today, low-waisted jeans are back in fashion, to let your navel appear and rediscover the cuts of the 90s and 2000s. wide low rise jeans pattern, a little baggy, paired with a feminine top, like a little cardigan or a colorful top. Our favorite ? Models with big lapels that are downright trendy.

Straight jeans and a white blouse

straight jeans and a white blouse

Straight jeans are no longer cheesy this year! On the contrary, it is part of the models of most stylish jeans of the moment. If you want to have a spring outfit to go to work or to walk around town, we advise you to choose straight jeans and to associate them with a white blouse that is slightly transparent, or that has feminine patterns (a floral pattern, for example). When it comes to shoes, the choice is yours: fashionable sneakers, pumps, ankle boots, loafers or even sandals… Everything is possible!

Flare jeans with ankle boots

flare jeans with ankle boots

With straight jeans and low-rise jeans, the podium of the 3 most trendy types of women’s jeans of the year is here! Flare jeans look like bootcut jeans, but flare out from the top of the thighs (while bootcut flares out from the knees). We love him for his seventies and vintage spirit, casual yet very stylish. You can combine it with simple or more daring ankle boots (cowboy boots for example), and add a sleeveless sweater, to be at the forefront of fashion.

Patchwork jeans with white sneakers

patchwork jeans with basketball

Patchwork jeans aren’t for everyone, but they’re still trendy for spring! With its blends of fabrics of different colors, it can easily be worn with trendy white sneakers, from the brand of your choice, or with heels to make your outfit more feminine. If a little cool wind blows the tip of its nose, you can wear a very soft coat over it (or a sleeveless sweater, that works too).

The total white denim look

total white jeans look

With the return of spring and summer, we can again wear light and sparkling colors. To be on top of fashion, we dare the total denim look, but in white! You can choose a white denim ensemble (trousers + jacket or shirt), to play the casual side, vacationer and hot countries. If you have to go to the office, it is possible to wear only white jeans, accompanied by a nice top or a woolen sweater.

Split jeans with a crop top

split jeans with a crop top

THE denim trend of the year ? THE split jeans, a must-have on the shelves in trendy clothing stores. If you have already succumbed to the charm, a vintage hair, of split jeans (that is to say which are more or less cut at the bottom, at the hem; on the front, on the side or on the back), you can keep your jeans for this spring and summer! Mix it with a crop-top on sunny days or with a fluid shirt for work. If it’s still a bit chilly, put on a big coat, to be hot!

In spring, jeans are comfortable, rather wide and often vintage. We prefer trendy cuts, but in which we feel good, as with a model of flare jeans, wide low waist or straight jeans. More original models also have their place, such as patchwork jeans, split jeans or white jeans!


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