6 beauty secrets to borrow from K-beauty

6 beauty secrets to borrow from K-beauty

Do you know K-beauty? This phenomenon comes to us straight from South Korea and offers us a model of beauty different from our habits and our culture. Fair and luminous complexion, lightly powdered eyes and shiny lips, Korean women have many make-up and skincare secrets to have flawless skin. We deliver to you 6 beauty secrets to borrow from K-beauty and adopt urgently!

Adopt the Korean beauty routine

Korean women take a lot of time to maintain their skin, especially the skin of the face. The Korean beauty ideal relies on smooth, luminous (even shiny), plump, diaphanous and purified skin. Aesthetics in South Korea favor health and body and skin care. Korean beauty routine is long and is practiced morning and evening. They do not hesitate to use several creams and moisturizers to enhance the face. To copy the routine K beauty, don’t hesitate to prepare your face well in the morning, wash it, purify it, use care creams and carry out gentle and meticulous make-up. Not forgetting the famous clay mask from some by mi to exfoliate, gently purify and rebalance the skin.

Prepare your face well every morning


In Korea, you can spend several hours preparing your skin, morning and evening. We gladly borrow the face prep routine according to K-beauty! The important steps are:

  • Wash your face well: for example, Korean women remove their make-up once with oil, then a second time with water ;
  • Apply a tonic, invigorating and purifying lotion;
  • Use an anti-pollution serum, which also illuminates the skin;
  • Moisturize your skin well with a rich cream;
  • Add a touch of sunscreen on the face, to keep a luminous and diaphanous complexion every season!

Take care of your skin with masks

Impossible to talk about K-beauty without mentioning the use of face masks ! Korean women make masks every day, especially the famous “sheet mask”. This sheet mask contains collagen, green tea and glycerin, for anti-fatigue, anti-aging, intense nutrition effects, etc. It sits for about 10 minutes. The skin is then relaxed and luminous. THE “sleeping mask” is also very popular with South Koreans. The active ingredients contained in the mask are absorbed by the face during the night. In the morning, the face is really relaxed and rested.

Opt for skin creams


K-beauty favors the use of skin-friendly creams. We are far from Kim Kardashian’s makeup habits! Here, each product must bring a discreet and hydrating touch to the face, without forcing too dark shades or foundations. The key word is: minimalism. Korean women use a lot of BB creams and CC creams which have light textures, which smooth the skin and which do not tint it. They also use cushion creamfor their healthy-glow effect and small touches of pink or orange blushto color and warm the cheekbones.

Have a luminous complexion


THE beautystas around the world have copied the glowy style of South Koreans. This make-up technique emphasizes the shine of certain areas of the face, to make it more luminous and translucent. There is also the style “dewy skin”, of a skin as if covered with dew, that is to say wet and perfectly smoothed. To do this, they use powders that reflect light, stretch the skin and give it a wet look. If you like the glass skin of Korean women, turn to the “glass skin” effect, to have a result that is truly translucent, diaphanous and almost looks like glass.

Use lip balms


In Korea, small mouths are valued with full lips. The use of heavily tinted lipsticks is not common. On the contrary, we more readily use lip balms very little color, slightly shiny glosses or discreet and very moisturizing lipsticks. Korean women sublimate the natural without forcing the line. Choose a lip balm in the natural shade of your mouth, very nourishing and slightly shiny. You can also choose to apply a shadow on the mouth: darker inside your lips and lighter at the ends of the lips, to blend. The rest, and especially the eye makeup, should always be as natural as possible.

South Koreans are skincare champions and know how to take care of their skin. We have no reason not to copy the gestures and beauty treatments of the K-beauty phenomenon ! To keep beautiful, young and healthy skin for as long as possible!


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