5 trendy earrings

Tiny point of light to illuminate your face, a monumental fashion statement or an elegant and trendy final touch, the earring is an essential accessory to many looks, which can clearly make the difference between an all-purpose outfit and one worthy of a catwalk.

To be at the forefront of fashion in this area, here is our selection of 5 must-have trends in the earring department.

Creole in all its forms

The first essential trend in the earring department is undoubtedly that of the creole, aka THE earring that everyone is wearing this year. Whether maxi or mini, very sophisticated or more refined, the creole is definitely an earring to adopt urgently.
Among our favorite pairs are thick but small-diameter hoopsultra-chic retro BCBG spirit, maxi hoop earrings in hammered metalbohemian at will, and also beaded hoopswhatever they are.

Pearls being another key trend in the world of earrings, we don’t hesitate to combine the two by falling for a pair of hoops in white pearls, multicolored pearls, glass pearls… In short, any pearls!

We also add the creoles in resin or clay, two very fashionable materials at the moment and most often very light, it is a real pleasure to wear them. If we fall for earrings like this, we play the style thoroughly by opting for flashy colors: orange, lilac, fuchsia, royal blue, yellow…

Cultured pearls

trendy earrings

As we mentioned, pearls are, overall, very trendy, and cultured pearls (even fake), even more so.

We wear them on the ears set on hoops, like dangling earrings or even as chips for a touch of light and chic on the ears. We are also tempted by maxi sizes and original shapes, two strong trends of the moment.

The mixtures of classic white pearls and fancy pearls are also to be tested, enough to give a real boost to pearl earrings sometimes, it must be admitted, a bit too wise.

To wear with a comfy or sportswear look to play on contrasts and create a sharp outfit.

Regressive earrings

trendy earrings

Opposed to the trend of pearl earrings is that of throwback earrings, understand childish earrings. They are regressive either by their material, or by their shape, or by their color, or by all of these at once.

In terms of materials, semi-transparent plastic, polymer resins, clay and similar are by far our favourites, especially because they recall the creative workshops of our youth, or because they look like two drops of water to the first jewelry that we can afford as a teenager.

In terms of shapes, flowers (especially daisies), hearts and other butterflies lead the trends, followed closely by stars and similar.

Of course, we prefer flashy colors such as red, pink, green, blue, etc.

The 2YK trend

trendy earrings

Another must-have trend in the earring department is jewelry inspired by the 2000s (2KY trend).

Jewelry that recalls the looks of R’n’B singers is particularly trendy, we therefore rush without any hesitation on the rhinestone dangling earrings and other long chains, the pinnacle of style at the time.

We also love the small rings with pendants, like charms, which we choose to be slightly childish. For example, you will easily find small rings decorated with cherries, hearts, butterflies… Just what it takes to ride the 2YK earring trend.

mismatched earrings

trendy earrings

The fashion for mismatched earrings has also made a big comeback: we are therefore tempted by the sets of earrings that include three or four different earrings, and therefore not in pairs.

A small earcuff on one side, a long thin chain on the other, a ring… Play with all the possibilities, just making sure to choose earrings of roughly the same stylethat is to say, avoid mixing an XXL chain-style dangling earring on one side with a small ring adorned with cherry charms on the other!

Note that this trend will suit you even better if you have several holes in each ear, enough to really mismatch your jewelry.

Earrings to put back in the closet

The arrival of new jewelry trends always involves putting away a few old pairs in the closet. Right now, you can get rid of the XXL earrings in tortoiseshell resinwhich had their heyday a year or two ago; seashell earringsmust have from last summer, and finally geometric earringsfor example in the shape of a minimalist face, which have been very fashionable as well.

If none of these earrings are corny, it is clear that they are unfortunately no longer so in than they were.

White gold, pink gold, fine stones, costume jewellery, you now know the most beautiful pairs of earrings or clips to shop!


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