5 trendy dining rooms

5 trendy dining rooms

Do you want to renew the style of your dining room? Need inspiration for current trends? Here is a quick tour of the most beautiful dining rooms this year. Between cocooning spirit and natural materials on the program, you will love the new dining rooms where charm and elegance reign!

The vintage dining room

Widely popular this year, the vintage dining room makes you want to come and settle there. Friendly, reassuring, elegant, it is a perfect harmony of different materials and colorful styles. Several possibilities allow you to create a very beautiful vintage dining room. First, the mixture of brass and gold. Ultra seventies, this artistic association imbues the room with a perfectly vintage style. Then comes the delicious combination of marble and velvet to create a chic and warm homogeneous whole. Finally, we use vintage colors to mix them with wooden furniture (fir green, emerald green, duck blue, etc.).

If it’s not the wooden dining room table that’s paired with velvet armchairs, it’s rattan chairs who come to furnish your black aluminum dining room.

Mixing materials is an art that must be perfectly mastered in this trendy decoration.

For the small decoration, we opt for second-hand or recycled objects in order to bring its history into the room and to give it ever more experience and authenticity. A warm place where you will love to taste a good gratin dauphinois which is still and always one of the favorite dishes of the French!

Velvet in the spotlight

velvet dining room

This year, we want cocooning and a sophisticated spirit in our dining room. Also, in a beautiful soft and warm noble material, velvet comes to interfere in our dining rooms. On our cushions, our sofas, our armchairs, it is THE fashionable material to select. With its satiny and shiny reflections, the velvet illuminates the room to warm it up.

Contrasted with raw materials such as wood, it gives a neat decoration with a felted spirit. We also like to decorate it with cane furniture or wicker furniture.

If it is causing such a sensation this year, it is because it blends in with great ease in different dining room styles. Chic nature, vintage dining room, rustic decor, modern, nothing can resist it…

New decorative trend: the scandicraft dining room

scandicraft dining room

Does the term scandicraft mean anything to you? You will probably hear about it in the weeks to come. The scandicraft decorative style is the new way of decorating that is on the rise this year. Derived from the Scandinavian style, simple and minimalist, the scandicraft dining room decor is inspired by Scandinavian dining rooms and good ecological resolutions. In other words, it is a responsible decoration with Scandinavian codes. In these dining rooms, the materials are selected for their ethical spirit. In the respect for the environment and sustainable development, the dining tables are made of recycled wood. Furniture made of natural materials is given pride of place with seagrass rugs, small rattan furniture or wicker suspensions. The small decoration is made of old objects. As for the natural and rustic touches, they sprinkle the room with authenticity.

Terracotta: the new color for the dining room

Terracotta dining room

Both warm and soft, terracotta is a natural shade that is very popular this year. Its retro style invites escape, peace and authenticity. Fans of ethical natural decoration will also largely favor the terracotta color this year. For a warm and luminous atmosphere, the terracotta is arranged by touches of light on the walls or on the household linen.

For a harmonious and neat decoration, it is associated with a table of dining room in wood or glass according to his desires, to wicker objects, decorative colored terracotta pots, dried flowers, etc.

The designer dining room

designer dining room

The height of modernity, the designer dining room! Its luxurious and refined style is attracting more and more households this year. In a designer dining room, noble materials are carefully selected. Marble, teak, glass, we favor beautiful materials and neutral colors for a harmonious and refined ensemble. A few colorful objects warm up the room, such as a graphic rug or a modern art painting. We can also imagine a graphic art wallpaper on a section of the wall to modernize the room as a whole. Finally, we apply one or two touches of greenery and a few baroque objects such as a chandelier.

What do you think of these 5 decorative trends for the dining room? Are you more tempted by modernity or the apparent charm of vintage decorative styles?


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