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5 Type Ideas EVERY Lady Ought to Know *life altering*


Wooooo! Joyful Monday my beauties! I am so enthusiastic about this video as a result of I am sharing 5 of my BEST fashion ideas. I hope you’re keen on …



  1. Ooh just found you! I think you're just what I needed in this part of my fashion transition. Funny how it took 30 years to care about this stuff and 10 years to declutter and find my sense of style. I'm also trying to create a bit of a uniformed look for myself so it's that much easier.

  2. This might not be what this channel is for, but something I always struggle with is doing laundry in a way that doesn't wear out my clothes, whether it be shrinking, pilling, discoloration, etc. I'm curious how you wash jeans that cost hundreds of dollars, because I'd hate to mess up jeans that expensive 😭

  3. You see, when you have four siblings, you are happy you are the oldest girl, because you don't get a hand-me-downs. But you cry full tears of dreaded sadness when you see your youngest sister raking in the dough because your mom looks at a piece of clothing in the kids area and bam its on her. And when you ask for a piece of clothing, your minimilist heart gets told you 'already has something that looks just like it, and if you want it, you can pay for it'. And you're broke. So you don't.

    Oops, did this become a rant?

  4. Jesus loves us all, he wants us to come as we are. It’s very difficult for men many of us not to lust. So I ask this of you, if you have a daughter such as myself who is lost right now in the world, how would you want her to dress one Timothy chapter 2


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