5 iconic looks of the sublime Lady Diana and how to draw inspiration from them?

5 iconic looks of the sublime Lady Diana and how to draw inspiration from them?

Princess of hearts and queen of style, Lady Diana, Diana Spencer of her real name, marked the whole world with her incredible aura, which earned her to still be a true icon several decades after her death.

With a keen sense of style, Lady Di knew how to make her clothes the standard bearers of her convictionsbrought loud and clear to the nose and beard of the British crown.

Today, his unclassifiable and unforgettable style continues to inspire women everywhere, which is why we present to you 5 iconic looks of the sublime Lady Diana and tips to get inspired.

The slip dress signed John Galliano for Dior: glam and scandal


Absolutely sensational, this gala look has definitely marked the annals of style… And incidentally of the British crown.

Divorced for barely 4 months, Lady Di appeared on the Met Gala red carpet in 1996, wearing a midnight blue satin slip dressextremely daring for the time, and the Princess of Wales.

The dress in question is by John Galliano, which made its debut at Dior. He chose to create this dress a midnight blue silk, which marries and sublimates the forms of Lady Di, a choice for the less daring. The neckline of the dress is embroidered with black lace and the look is completed by a long satin jacket, negligee style, enough to cause some heart attacks among members of the English crown.

We are inspired by this iconic look of Lady Diana by also integrating the slip dress into our dressing room, and even by wearing it as a daytime look. To do this, put it on over a simple white T-shirt and add a pair of trainers or combat shoes to play down the look.

The cyclist for his sports sessions: so 90s

lady diana outfit

Ultra-trendy in recent seasons, the cyclist is also one of the key pieces of Lady Diana’s lookespecially during the 1990s.

Combined with an oversized fleece sweatshirt and dad shoes, the cyclist has become a must have from the dressing room of the Princess of Wales, who swore by it for her sports sessions.

True forerunner of the athleisure styleLady Diana unfortunately did not live long enough to see the influence of her cycling outfits on today’s fashion.

To pay tribute to Lady Di with a cyclist without taking a trip back in time to 1995, wear this sporty piece with an oversized belted blazer and a pair of trainers or pumps, depending on the desired result.

The tartan dress: Scottish and chic

lady diana look

Historical motif of Scotland above all, the tartan was of course one of Lady Diana’s stylistic essentialswho notably wore it on a very chic trapeze dress with a Claudine collar (and wiser, which didn’t last long!).

Never out of fashion, the tartan is still a popular pattern today, as much in its discreet variations as brown and dark green tones, as in its more flashy versions based on royal blue, red and yellow.

Our fashion advice: dare the very colorful tartan blazerto wear with light blue mom jeans and a beige or light gray chunky knit sweater, for a casual Lady Di-inspired look, ultra-trendy.

There “revenge dress”: the ideal little black dress

lady diana black dress

If there is one Lady Diana dress that made an impression, it was the incendiary black dress she wore in 1994, just after the announcement of her husband Prince Charles’s infidelity.

Short, low-cut, tight, shiny… This little black dress, soberly baptized the “revenge dress” (dress of revenge) is signed Christina Stambolian and was worn by the Princess during a Vanity Fair evening, in front of all the gratin and all the important photographers of the moment.

Whether it’s for revenge or just to feel beautiful and sexy, we can only advise you to get a little black dress of this ilkto wear with your most beautiful heeled sandals for a glam look.

The animal print one-piece swimsuit: the ultimate beach look

lady diana swimsuit

We end this (too) short list of iconic looks of Princess Diana with its essential one-piece swimsuit printed with a mixture of leopard, tiger and panther, an oh so provocative combo for a member of the British crown (despite his divorce).

Lady Di is photographed wearing this famous jersey as she happily stays on a boat with her new lover, Dodi Al-Fayed… The ultimate snub to protocol and the royals who treated her so badly.

The inspiration to take here is to wear what you like while also thumbing your nose at what people will say!

Cover photo credit @Source: Lorna Roberts / Shutterstock.com


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