5 cool ways to use giant letters for a wedding

5 cool ways to use giant letters for a wedding

Giant letters are among the most used types of wedding decoration. It must be said that they have no equal to give a grandiose dimension to this beautiful day. In the XXL version, they are original and full of personality. Because indeed, it is possible to choose them exactly as you want them!

Mr & Mrs », « LOVE », JUST MARRIED » or simply with the letters of your respective initials, they exist in multiple floral, LED or colored versions. In decoration, they are sublime, but this is not their only use!

How to use giant letters to magnify your wedding? Here are the different possibilities.

For a wedding photoshoot

During a wedding photo shoot, you have to have imagination to create unique photos that will remain forever engraved. If the place does a lot, the accessories, too, allow you to take bold and beautiful photos. The giant letters can therefore be used as a support for making fun photos. Positioned on your shooting location, they serve as a basis for creating very beautiful souvenir photos. Subsequently, they can you can use it again to decorate the wedding hall or the outside.

In wedding decoration

In a majestic version in front of the entrance to the reception hall, next to the stage if you have one or hung on the wall in giant neon letters, the giant letters can be used to decorate. The fact that they exist in different materials and shapes is very popular with the bride and groom.

For example, for country or bohemian weddings, they are generally chosen in giant wooden letters or LED letters for evenings that take place outdoors. What is interesting with this giant letter as a decorative accessory is precisely that it allows you to personalize your wedding decoration whatever its theme.

It’s an original way to add color and enhance your decor. The letters make a big impression with their giant format. Some can even reach two meters in height at the request of the bride and groom.

To decorate the place of a secular ceremony

Secular ceremonies usually take place in parks or among greenery. It is therefore essential to decorate them. With giant letters as exterior decoration, you have the perfect accessory to present the ceremony place. One imagines, for example, very easily large letters forming the word “LOVE” adorned with colorful flowers positioned not far from the wedding aisle. They give the pretext to take very beautiful photos with the guests with their dressed bottom. They can also serve to decorate the altar as an alternative to an empty background or flower wall.

For your photobooth

giant letter for the photobooth decoration

The photobooth is the essential accessory for weddings. It is unanimous with the guests! The concept ? Take pictures in a fun setting with props. These photos will make wonderful keepsakes for the bride and groom and guests. It is a unifying animation of cohesion and which also appeals to all generations of guests.

To make it fun to go to the installed wedding photobooth, you need to attract guests. Giant letters are just perfect for that! They will not only arouse the curiosity of your guests, but they will also great accessories to lend themselves to the photo games!

As a festive LED lamp for outdoor wedding parties

giant letters in LED lamp

The giant illuminated letters give a very sophisticated festive style outdoors. They play with their light to give the place a romantic atmosphere. They can be used as a backdrop for the stage or for the back of the dance floor. They can also be positioned towards the entertainment to attract guests to approach. One thing is certain, when night falls, they are truly sublime and spotted from afar!

Where to find this type of decoration for your wedding?

There are signs specializing in the sale of decorative giant letters or illuminated letters. These offer a wide variety of models, sometimes even giant letters for hire! Don’t hesitate to take a tour of these stores to find what you’re looking for!


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