4 years of marriage: are we celebrating something?

Is your couple about to experience their fourth wedding anniversary? It’s about wax weddings. If love is celebrated every day in the small daily attentions, the wedding anniversary can be celebrated as a special day, an opportunity to break the routine and organize something different. 4 years of marriage : are we celebrating something? Our tips for celebrating the event.

Married for 4 years: the wax wedding

Couples married for 4 years celebrate their wax wedding, a highly symbolic element at this stage.

If we speak of wax weddings, it is because the parallel is easy with the life of bees. Again and again they maintain the cells of their nest with their wax. For their own comfort, but also for the reception of their little ones.

Among married couples, 4 years after marriage, marital life is already well established, but continues to be built little by little, to be consolidated. Often, the couple opens up or has already opened up to parenthood.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary: ​​a choice specific to each couple

In the past, it was customary not to celebrate highly symbolic numbers, such as 25 years and 50 years of marriage. Now, couples like to celebrate every wedding anniversary. However, the 4-year wedding anniversary is not celebrated by all couples.

Everyone approaches this day in their own way. Some couples do not plan anything in particular. For others, it’s a one-on-one celebration. For still others, it’s a time to get together with friends.

Big ceremony or small party to mark the occasion, the event can take several forms. The important thing is to be in tune with the desires of the couple, and to have a celebration in their image.

What gift to offer for the 4 years of marriage?

On the wedding anniversary, it is in principle expected a gift linked to the symbolism of the years: wax therefore for the anniversary of the 4 years of marriage. If this is of course not an imposed theme, it is a nice nod. Here is a selection of gift ideas for the 4th anniversary.

A candle

When we talk about wax, the candle therefore naturally imposes itself on the mind.t. They come in all sizes, all colors, with scent or not, with wooden wicks…

For the 4-year wedding anniversary, the jewel candle is also an excellent choice. This candle is special since it conceals a surprise jewel in the heart of its wax. It reveals itself when the candle is sufficiently consumed.

The massage candle

For a more intimate gift, the candle gets naughty with the massage candle. The burning wick melts the wax, which becomes a massage oil for a delicious moment for two.

A candlelight dinner

A romantic dinner is always a pleasure. For the occasion, candles are doubly appropriate: they bring a pretty romantic touch and are a nod to wax weddings.

A candle-lit bath

wax wedding gift

Preparing a good relaxing bath for his half is a delicate attention perfect for a wedding anniversary surprise.

For the cozy atmosphere and to recall the symbolism of wax weddings, the perimeter of the bathtub can be decorated with various candles. They will bring a soft subdued light and pleasant scents.

There are also floating candles for the bath, to put directly in the bathtub.

A getaway with a visit to a wax museum

Go for a trip for two for the fourth wedding anniversary allows break the routine that begins to settle and meet again. To mark the 4 years of marriage, including a visit to a wax museum is ideal. This opens up various destinations, in France or in Europe.

A candle making workshop

Wax weddings can be an opportunity to take part in a candle-making workshop. The sessions take place in a very small committee, booking a session for a duo between lovers is possible.

Choice of perfume, wax, container, fragrances… the DIY workshop allows you to bring your personalized candle home.

A love letter with wax seal

celebrate 4 years of marriage

4 years later, your love is still intact. But do you take the time to say it to yourself, to write it to yourself? wedding anniversary is opportunity to verbalize feelings. The love letter is a precious present made and received with the heart. And it can be closed with a wax seal.

A bright and romantic entrance

For your 4 years of marriage, surprise your other half when they join you by placing many candles on their way. A luminous and romantic arrival, unforgettable!

An insect house and flowers to pollinate

An original and ecological gift perfect for couples who have a garden is an insect house and/or a bag of flowers to pollinate. They are very useful for bees, who will find refuge there and can make their wax in peace.

A jewel

The jewel remains the flagship gift of wedding anniversaries. For the 4 years of marriage, it is easy to stick to the wax theme, by choosing to offer a bee charm, a bee pendant or even bee earrings, a bee watch… Men’s jewelry and women’s jewelry often use this motif.

Beeswax beauty products

4 year wedding gift

Beeswax is a noble product, with multiple virtues, recognized since the dawn of time. She is used in cosmetics for its nourishing, moisturizing, soothing properties. A nice batch of cosmetics offered to her half for the wedding anniversary shows the will to take care of her.

The couple, who are celebrating their 4 years of marriage, are already showing great longevity. Solid but still malleable, like the wax that has been made its symbol, celebrating your wedding anniversary is a way to further consolidate the ties that unite the two lovebirds.


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