4 tips to pay less for your clothes

4 tips to pay less for your clothes

Tired of paying full price for your clothes? It is however simple to make great savings while renewing your wardrobe very regularly. Discover now all our tips for paying less for clothes and you dress while having a small budget.

Buy your second-hand clothes

To save as much money as possible, dare to buy your second hand clothes. In thrift stores or on dedicated websites, there is a wide choice of products for all possible clothing styles. In winter as in summer, it is possible to easily change your wardrobe thanks to second-hand clothes. All the articles are often of very good quality and therefore like new. There are several ways to find second-hand clothes.

The online opportunity

To find cheap clothes online, you can therefore opt for the occasion between individuals. Thanks to specialized sites like Vinted or Leboncoin , it is possible to access a large selection of trendy products at low prices. Remember to check the condition of each item of clothing before buying it and to favor batches to reduce the overall price. These kinds of websites are full of unique pieces. It’s up to you to seek and find the perfect garment!

Clothing in thrift store

Many thrift stores have been popping up for several years all over France. They allow you to find cheap clothes, in good condition and sold by professionals. Generally, thrift stores offer a lot of Vintage pieces especially from the 70s, but more and more stores are specializing in newer and more fashionable clothes. Everyone can therefore find items that suit them.

Take advantage of promo codes

tips for paying less for clothes

Want to save on your next online clothing order? Take advantage of promotional codes shared online. Don’t know how to find them? Discover all our tips for easy access.

Sent by email

You are surely registered for many brand newsletters that you like. Do you take the time to look at them when they arrive in your inbox? Many discounts are often shared and allow for big savings on your total basket. So remember to check your mailbox regularly to be sure to take advantage of all the discounts of the moment.

Grouped on dedicated websites

There are a large number of Internet sites like on this site, grouping many promotional codes to benefit from promotions on certain clothing brands. Generally, you may have discount coupons on your total cart or a specific item. These sites are very useful for renewing your wardrobe regularly.

Shared on the brand’s website

Pay attention to the small colored banners that appear on the sites of certain brands. They usually contain discounts on your cart or if you go over a certain amount. They allow to make small savings easily.

Take advantage of flash sales

No need to wait for Black Friday, you have to be vigilant and watch regularly, but you can find many flash sales. This kind of discounts last only a few days, but they can save you a lot of money! There are also dedicated private sales sites that offer big discounts on certain products for a few days or even a few hours.

Use cash back

tips for paying less for clothes

Who wouldn’t dream of being reimbursed for their shopping? Thanks to platforms like Poulpeo and Igraal, it’s possible! With just a few clicks, you just need to activate the extension in your Internet browser. After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation from the platform and the cash back will appear in your kitty. Cash back is like a mini refund based on your cart total. It can generally amount to between 1 and 7% of the overall price of your order. It therefore allows you to make good savings. It is available for a large number of brands.

By following the four big tips below, you’ll never be able to miss an offer and pay for your clothes at full price again. Test the different ways to save while shopping! Renew your wardrobe easily and share these tips with your loved ones!


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