3 golden rules and look ideas for wearing the bohemian chic dress well

A real fashion must-have, the bohemian chic dress is a feminine, fluid and sophisticated piece that can be worn easily on any occasion. For succeed your look in bohemian chic dress Always follow these 3 golden rules and get inspired by our look ideas!

1- Choose your bohemian chic dress: a matter of morphology

As always in fashion, wearing a piece well first requires having the right piece, in this case a chic bohemian dress that suits you well. The bohemian universe having practically become a style timeless in recent years, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the perfect dress for you.

If thefavor fluidity and lightness for a boho chic dress, we can nevertheless vary the cuts; nothing forces you to wear a maxi dress for a bohemian style. A simple short straight dress can work just as well, provided you choose the right material, the right colors, the right accessories, etc. In sum, prefer a cut that highlights you rather than absolutely fixing on a “bohemian” cut. You can easily bring back the spirit and the bohemian style thanks to accessories, while wearing a dress whose cut does not really suit you is more difficult to correct…

wear the bohemian chic dress well

2- Know how to stay chic

Be careful, we are about to break open doors: the bohemian chic style is bohemian AND chic, and this second part should not be neglected. Unlike the “simple” bohemian look, the bohemian chic is more sophisticated and dressier. We attach less importance to freedom of movement than for a simple bohemian look, and we favor, as a result, more elegant dresses. This translates first of all into the materials: it is better to opt for noble materials, and avoid synthetics at all costs. Linen, silk, cotton, muslin, etc. are the best allies of a bohemian-chic dress. Beyond this question of material, it is the question of embellishments that arises. The bohemian spirit appreciates pompoms, embroidery, crochet, yokes, etc. bohemian chiche must be a little lighter, so be sure to avoid the accumulation of embellishments, and to choose them well.

wear the bohemian chic dress well

3- Find the right colors for your complexion and your style

Generally, the bohemian chic dress is rather clear. Natural colors such as beige, sand, ecru, etc. are very good options, always very chic to boot. If you fancy something more colorful, bet on pastel shades, perfect for the bohemian chic spirit. Either way, be sure to choose a color that will compliment your skin tone!

Look ideas: the accessory sets the tone

Wear it well bohemian chic dress it is also, and perhaps above all, knowing how to accessorize it. Your accessories will set the tone for your outfit, and you can easily adapt your bohemian chic dress to different occasions. We give you some ideas.

wear the bohemian chic dress well

Bohemian chic dress + hat for a wedding outfit

You couldn’t have missed it, the bohemian theme is all the rage among brides and grooms, and this is the perfect opportunity to wear your bohemian chic dress. We advise you to add a very beautiful hat, the official accessory of the wedding guests. To complete the look, add some fine jewelry and a pretty fresh make-up, with a bitten mouth for example. Finish with a beautiful manicure and heeled sandals, you will be perfect.

Flat sandals and bohemian dress for a weekend look

Do you want to give yourself a “beautiful and fresh look without doing it on purpose”? Nothing like a chic bohemian dress and flat sandals for that ! With a nice nude make-up, or even no make-up at all and soft hair, the bohemian chic dress will give you that famous look” I woke up like this that everyone will envy you. However, be careful not to fall into neglect, it’s a trap!

Maxi belt + bohemian chic dress for a trendy look

We told you about it not long ago, the maxi belt is a must-have fashion of the moment. mixed with bohemian chic dress, this season’s absolute must-have, it offers you an ultra-sharp fashion look, and you will have nothing to envy from Instagrammers and other influencers. And if, in addition, your bohemian-chic dress has voluminous sleeves, you will be on top.

Wooden jewelry and accessories for a gypset and green style

Green revolution obliges, jewelry and accessories made of natural materials, and in particular those made of wood, are on the rise. And imagine that it’s very good since wood works great with bohemian-chic dresses. We love very trendy wooden eyeglasses or sunglasses, rings and bangles, watches… Be careful not to wear everything at the same time, choose a wooden accessory and mix it with more classic things.


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