2YK trend: these pieces that make us crack

2YK trend: these pieces that make us crack

Brought to the forefront by the cool kids of Generation Z, some trends from the 2000s have (re)become must-haves and even invite themselves into the parades of the greatest fashion designers.

But beware, not everything is good to recover in our dressing rooms of the 2000s, sorting is necessary to ensure a look on fleek and avoid fashion faux pas. find our list of 2YK parts to crack on without hesitation to be right in the trend of the moment.

The 2YK trend: kezako?

The expression “2YK” (to be pronounced in English) means “year 2000” in French, to be understood as referring to the style of the 2000s, including wardrobe, clothing, accessories and significant beauty trends of this period.

Become essential in less time than it takes to say, the 2YK aesthetic first won the hearts of the younger generation through the social network TikTok before taking a look at the whole fashion sphere.

Today, we find a lot of pieces that we thought were definitively put away occupying the ready-to-wear shelves, the second-hand clothes are full of must-haves from the era of Britney and other Spice Girls and the most fashionable influencers of the moment proudly display their low-rise jeans and their square-toed sandals.

SO, nostalgic for the looks of Halle Berry or Christina Aguilera rejoice: the 2000s are now officially vintage and you can bring out your most beautiful pieces without shame!

The pieces of the 2000s that we are bringing out this season

As always when it comes to bringing vintage pieces out of our closets, you have to be careful to choose the right onesbecause some must definitely remain hidden!

Here is our list of 2YK parts that we stand out without hesitationand some tips for wearing them in style this year.

Bootcut jeans

2KY trend

Here is a piece that we are rather delighted to find as it flatters the silhouette: bootcut jeans ! Flagship cut of the 2000s, it had finally been supplanted by the slim and it is only fair to see it return when the hegemony of all tight seems to be coming to an end.

To be fully in the 2YK trend, we obviously bet on a low waist, which we accessorize with a belt, more or less conspicuous according to taste. To be worn with a close-fitting turtleneck, a simple T-shirt or a fine knit sweater, but not with a crop top!

The crop top

2KY trend

The crop top precisely, let’s talk about it! If he never really left our closets, it is clear that the 2YK trend has made it a must-have this year.

We choose it ultra-short, in homage to the slightly provocative looks of Britney or Christina Aguilera, and we don’t hesitate to fall for an asymmetrical cut and/or bare back either.

To be worn with high-waisted jeans preferably, mom or balloon cut for example, and if possible with a jacket to play down the glam of the crop top.

We also like boleros, these little short vests, to be worn next to the skin for an ultra-sexy 2000s look.

The backless top

2KY trend

The halter top has also left its mark on an entire generation with its sexy and slightly provocative allure.

Today we opt for a bare back with an American armhole, which ties around the neck and in the back for a dizzying neckline. If you find a diamond pattern, even better!

Wear with a maxi skirt for a bohemian-inspired 2YK lookideal for hot summer days.

Smoked and oval sunglasses

2KY trend

In the accessories department, it is obviously on sunglasses with smoked lenses, preferably oval or rectangular that we set our sights ! With a thin metal frame, this is THE eyewear trend to adopt for this summer.

We prefer more modern beauty looks with this type of sunglasses to avoid the “disguised party” effect: exit pearly eye shadow and butterfly clips!

The baguette bag

2KY trend

Still on the accessories side, we put on a small baguette bag in leather, black or pastel, to slip on his shoulder for the day as for the evening. We associate it without hesitation with all our looks, whether they are inspired by the 2000s or not.

Mistakes to avoid with the 2YK trend

Want to try your hand at the 2YK trend? Here are the mistakes to avoid to be on top

  • Watch out for the total 2YK look : the temptation to mix pieces from the 2000s is great, but it is better to play the game of parsimony, at the risk of seeming to do too much.
  • Watch out for low rise jeans : the years have passed but the defect of the low waist remains the same, it is not suitable for all morphologies! So be careful not to suffer from the terrible “muffin effect” in the hips.
  • Better to avoid showing your navel with a crop top and low-rise jeans : if the whole thing is canon on insta, it is only rarely the case in real life!


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