20 Most Costly Attire Celebrities Have Ever Worn


You will not consider the value tag on a few of these iconic attire worn by Hollywood’s wealthy and well-known. Stars like Jennifer …



  1. Elizabeth Taylor wore The most
    Fabulous gowns at the Oscars.
    The one that I will Never forget is a Valentino (?) Canary Yellow gown which she wore with her hair pulled back and up, and it was filled with white Tube Roses and crystals.
    This blue gown showed off her necklace and the color was great with her tan!
    Love her forever! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. The cost of these dresses shows how very pitiful the state of the planet has become. Shameful. Absolutely shameful. Wear a 5,000.00 dress and give the rest of the money to help feed starving people.

  3. Favorite has to be Liz Taylor in her very complimentary gown, & then 2nd Lupida, with her rich dark skin it seems every colour is enhanced, #little note though Vera Wang did an incredible job for Victoria Beckham

  4. Elizabeth Taylor put all these young broads to shame!! Greatest beauty of all time. In a rag, she would look better than any of these ladies. You can try but you can’t beat real class!

  5. Err….the dresses that Audrey Hepburn wore on Breakfast At Tiffany’s are two different dresses! Not an “attachment” added on for the opening scene! Please get your facts right please!

  6. How on earth is JLaws dress worth 4 million. No embroidery, embellishments or a rare fabric. I could see Beyonces being worth more than 300k, there’s no way she only had about 40 pearls if each cost 8k.


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