15 Male Celebrities Who Are Slaying Ladies's Style


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  1. Interestingly men in history used to wear silks, embroidery, heels , fancy robes, wigs, jewelry , pantyhose and even subtle makeup. It used to be the norm and was considered very manly to do so. It’s just now that we have changed how men dress. We seem to have forgotten history and past fashion.

  2. Absolutely disgusting
    there is nothing more disgraceful than a man who acts a like woman and a woman who acts like a man. Men should be more masculine and women should be more feminine end off. men should try to reach the best form of their masculine self and women should try to reach the best form of their feminine self. And any deviation from those outlined gender roles will surely bring about society's collapse and thats a fact. Anyone who things otherwise at the point where society is today should just give couple of more years and see if his/her opinion is still intact. All these we are the exactly the same is hurting society, both genders are equally important but not the same nor do they have the same roles, behaviors or even perspectives. We are the same yes in that afterall we are made from each other but that's as far as it goes, we are not the same otherwise.

  3. half of this comment section is shit like yall go get some help. any and every person has the right to wear whatever they want and look however they choose to, you're no one to comment and hate on it. in fact u should go get some help or go back to ur ancient homes. and no ones clothing choice DOES NOT reflect their gender or sexuality. ITS CLOTHING.

  4. sorry little boys, your not women and never will be. Just sad that a bunch of men can put on some awful styles and everyone is jumping up and down that they are soo proud and happy. Whatever, you all got problems.

  5. And some women say men don't have to be masculine. These gals go on to get breast and booty implants, suffer all pains of waxing and threading and everything that's possible just to be more feminine 😂. Masculinity has been purposefully made a toxic term. They want to be extrafeminine but men should reduce his masculinity. I am not an advocate to masculinity or feminity and I respect the person's choice. But I have a line for those women: Men will wear whatever they wish, be it masculine or feminine. We don't want advice from such DOUBLE STANDARD bitches to be in style.

  6. as a man you need clothing that is tailor made for your body since woman have a different body form. thats why it works for those celebrities who can afford this. i you try this at home with regular woman clothing it probably won't look as great

  7. Not only it look really creepy when they wear skirt. They also look really really average has men. Definately not intimidate or complex when I look at these skinny men.


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